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Do dental records have to be digital?

Do dental records have to be digital?

Yes. You are entitled to a copy of your records on paper or, if the dentist is required to comply with HIPAA, an electronic copy. The original records belong to the dental practice. The dental practice may require you submit a written request but may not unreasonably delay access to your information.

How far back do dental records go?

Retention Requirements in California Section 123145 of the California Health and Safety Code states that the minimum retention time of patient records is seven years only if the dentist ceases operation.

Is there a dental record database?

There is no national database of dental records that is searchable by dental charting .

How long keep old dental records?

In general, clinical and financial records, as well as radiographs, consultation reports, and drug and lab prescriptions must be maintained for at least ten years after the date of the last entry in the patient’s record.

Can I switch dentists in the middle of a procedure?

You can be unhappy and end up switching dentists mid-treatment and yes, you can switch dentists in the middle of a procedure. You can do whatever you’d like with your health.

Why are dental records important?

Beyond providing patient care, the dental record is important because it may be used in a court of law to establish the diagnostic information that was obtained and the treatment that was rendered to the patient. It can be used in defense of allegations of malpractice.

Where are dental records stored?

Dental records may be preserved on microfilm or microfiche, stored with a records storage service (fairly common in many jurisdictions) or scanned for electronic storage. The great benefit of storing records electronically or on microfilm or microfiche is that they take up less space than paper records.

What is included in dental records?

What should a dental record ideally contain? A dental record refers to all the information that is related to the provision of dental care services, including patient records, business records include billing, claims forms, laboratory charges, scheduling etc., and drug records.

Is it OK to switch dentists?

Yes, it is okay to switch dentists and regarding how often can you change your dentist, as many times as you want. It is okay to switch dentists and there are plenty of reasons to change dentists, none of which are wrong. It isn’t so much of a process as it is just taking two or three steps.

Is it hard to switch dentists?

There’s a lot of reasons people look for a new dentist: maybe they moved to a new location, need a special type of procedure, or are generally unhappy with their current dentist. No matter what your reason, switching dentists is an easy task.

Can my dentist charge me for my records?

Under HIPAA, your dentist is permitted to charge you for copying, mailing, or printing the records. If part of your request is a summary or an explanation of your health records, your dentist may also charge a fee for preparation of the summary or explanation.

How are dental records stored?

Patient records should be kept safely, confidentially and securely at all times. The dental records should be stored securely in a fireproof cupboard or filing cabinet. The area where the dental records are kept should be protected from unauthorised access, theft and damage.

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