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What does well argued mean?

What does well argued mean?

adj (well argued when postpositive) having been reasoned, proposed, or debated convincingly.

What does well reasoned mean?

adjective (well reasoned when postpositive) logically argued with skill or care.

What does it mean if someone is well esteemed?

Esteem is all about respect and admiration. If you have high self-esteem, it means you like yourself. When you say, “My esteemed colleagues,” you are saying you have nothing but the highest respect for them. When you say you hold someone in high esteem, it means you give them a high value.

What does well maintain mean?

adjective. Kept in good order or condition. ‘neat houses and well-maintained streets’

Who is a good mixer?

a good mixer 1. Someone who is able to converse easily and pleasantly with other people in a social setting or event.

What is a well-reasoned argument?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] A reasoned discussion or argument is based on sensible reasons, rather than on an appeal to people’s emotions. [approval]

Is well-reasoned a word?

Definition of ‘well-reasoned’ His judgments of individual poets are bold and well-reasoned. Juniors would find clear and well-reasoned written opinions. The complaints are well-reasoned, but they’re not incisive. West found the unorthodox but well-reasoned lead of the king of clubs.

What does it mean to hold someone in the highest regard?

Definition of hold (someone or something) in high regard : to have great respect for (someone or something) His work is held in high regard.

What is the difference between respect and esteem?

As nouns the difference between esteem and respect is that esteem is favourable regard while respect is (uncountable) an attitude of consideration or high.

What is another word for well-kept?

What is another word for well-kept?

conserved preserved
unspoiled unspoilt
well-kept-up well-looked-after
well-maintained well-preserved

What does well argued mean in English Dictionary?

well argued adjective. uk ​ /ˌwel ˈɑːɡ.juːd/ us ​ /ˌwel ˈɑːrɡ.juːd/. ​. › described or asked for in an effective and intelligent way: [ before noun ] She presented a well-argued case for banning smoking in public places.

What is the meaning of the word argument?

It’s very common in the software-development world, but not with quite the same meaning: To “argument” a programming statement is to add parameters. I imagine the usage could have drifted through from there. I came across this word in an academic document I academic context?

Which is the best definition of the word well reasoned?

adjective (well reasoned when postpositive) logically argued with skill or care

Is the book well argued a good book?

Learn the words you need to communicate with confidence. It is a very valuable, informative and generally well argued, if at times somewhat petulant, book. The conclusions are well argued and convincing. He begins with a well argued critique of the ethologists’ view of the biological determination of human action.

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