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What is the song on the Morrisons advert?

What is the song on the Morrisons advert?

Morrisons has launched its latest Chistmas ad, featuring a track from pop star Dua Lipa. The new ad, which launches this week, is soundtracked by her song ‘Levitating’.

How much is Call of Duty Cold War in Morrisons?

Uncover the conspiracy that’s been decades in the making when Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches in Morrisons this Friday. Available on PS4 & Xbox One for £54.99 each.

What is Morrisons supermarket known for?

Food and drink, clothing, florist, petrol, books, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc, trading as Morrisons, is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, and is headquartered in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Who sings the song in the Morrisons Christmas advert?

Video: Morrisons Christmas advert features Dua Lipa track in a feelgood video | Daily Mail Online. Morrisons Christmas advert for 2020 features little girl singing Dua Lipa song.

What branded gift cards do Morrisons sell?

Giftcards for Apple, Currys PC World, Halfords, iTunes and Marks & Spencer sold by the supermarket are also included in the offer that will earn you £5 each time to spend in Morrisons. People have been stockpiling the gift cards, with ones from Amazon proving to be the most popular.

Where is the new Morrisons advert filmed?

Shotley peninsula farm
Shotley peninsula farm featured in Morrison’s advert ahead of England Scotland game | shotleypeninsula.

Does Morrisons sell John Lewis gift cards?

New gift card offer that went live today. – Morrisons are offering 5000 More points instore on £50 denomination gift cards for John Lewis (which includes Waitrose), Currys, and M&S. You will also get 1250 base points.

Can you use a Morrisons gift card for fuel?

You can redeem your Morrisons Gift Card in any Morrisons supermarket, including Morrisons petrol stations, with the exception of Gift Card or lottery purchases.

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