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What kind of Chipper does Mighty Mac use?

What kind of Chipper does Mighty Mac use?

Mighty Mac Chipper-Shredders utilize a true Hammermill design to provide unmatched performance not available from other brands. No other chipper design is as aggressive as this time-tested configuration.

Which is the best wood chipper to buy?

If leaf disposal is important, this isn’t the best choice. Bottom Line: For anyone with lots of brush and logs to process, this is the machine to own. Chipping: The Mighty Mac chips more slowly, but more surely, than its competitors—and produces a finer result.

What kind of steel is in Mighty Mac Shredder?

The shredder has 24 free-swinging hammers that are reversible 4 times. The hammers are manufactured from tough heat-treated steel. The chipper features a heavy steel flywheel with a heat-treated steel blade that can be resharpened.

Which is the best mackissic Shredder for home use?

The 12P Mighty Mac® shredder-chipper by MacKissic is the right model for the homeowner looking for toughness, versatility, and speed on those big jobs. Choose performance as powerful as your needs. You’ll get dependable, professional level operation, in a machine you can use year-round for clean-up, gardening, and landscaping.

How long has Mighty Mac been in business?

In business for more than 60 years, replacement parts for all Mighty Mac products are readily available, although rarely required.

How big does a mackissic leaf Shredder need to be?

Lay the machine down where all you need to do is rake leaves directly into the hopper. The powerful steel impeller creates a vacuum to help pull the leaves into the shredder where material is quickly pulverized. The LSC can also chip branches up to 2-1/4” with its hardened and resharpenable tool steel knife.

Can a Mighty Mac leaf Shredder be used upright?

Made in the USA! Faced with leaf collection problems? Mighty Mac’s® small but tough leaf-shredder-chippers (LSC) can get rid of those leaves quickly and easily. The LSC can be operated in an upright position, where leaves can be dumped directly into the large shredding hopper.

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