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Was The Meg any good?

Was The Meg any good?

The Meg is an extraordinarily predictable, laughably bad (but not so bad its good) effects driven garbage movie with a pointless plot. The “best” thing about this movie was Jason Statham, but he had little to work with and even his acting felt… disappointed.

What age is The Meg suitable for?

Age Appropriate For: 12+. This shark-attack blockbuster isn’t really gory or bloody, but is more of an action-comedy, with some jump scares involving the shark, some shots of its teeth, some fights between sharks and people, and sharks eating other animals and people.

Is The Meg a true story?

Spoilers ahead for Hollywood Season 1. Not to be confused with The Meg, a real movie about a giant shark, the fictional film centers around the true story of Peg Entwistle, a 24-year-old actress who died by suicide after jumping from the Hollywood sign in 1932. But the movie ends up making several changes to her story.

Is The Meg too scary for 7 year old?

VERDICT: IS ‘THE MEG’ FOR KIDS? ‘The Meg’ is exactly what it promises to be with plenty of exciting shark attacks but with lots of scary moments of suspense, jump scares and some deaths, we recommend this movie for kids aged 10 and over.

Is The Meg worse than Jaws?

Yet, when it comes to the classic’s most gutting kills, The Meg plays nice. It pulls its punches by sparing the movie’s chipper children and perky pup. So while certainly more deadly and bigger, this Meg is not badder, but rather a kinder, gentler shark than the ruthless, dog-biting kid-eater of Jaws.

Was there 2 Megalodons in the Meg?

According to director Ben Wheatley, The Meg 2 could actually have not one, but two megalodons swimming around. In 2018, the long-gestating adaptation of Steve Alten’s horror novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror finally made its way to the big screen.

Can a nine year old watch The Meg?

So Parents, This Movie is Best for 10 ages and Up if they are Familiar with these things or if they watched Jaws then Watch It!

What is better The Meg or Jaws?

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