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Why does WhatsApp audio turn off?

Why does WhatsApp audio turn off?

WhatsApp will play voice messages through your speaker, or if you lift the phone to your ear, the message will play through the receiver. When you lift the phone to your ear, the proximity sensor is tripped and the screen will turn off, just like when you are on a phone call.

Why is my WhatsApp audio fast?

How to change WhatsApp voice message playback speeds. Tap on the ‘1x’ on the voice message to change it to ‘1.5x’. Tap on it again to go from 1.5X to 2X. When already at 2X speeds, users can tap on the ‘2X’ button to change playback back to the default 1x speed.

How do you change the playback speed on WhatsApp?

Tap on the 1x on the right side of the voice message to change the playback speed. 4. After tapping once, the speed will increase to 1.5x. The playback speed will increase to 2x if you tap twice on the icon.

Why does my WhatsApp sound turn black?

Believe it or not, it’s a feature! The screen goes black to prevent accidental screen touches and the audio comes out of the earpiece as WhatsApp assumes that you are holding the phone to your face to listen to the voice note.

Why is my WhatsApp audio call not working?

When experiencing issues with WhatsApp calls, please try connecting to a different network (such as Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile data, or vice versa). Your current network might not be properly configured for UDP (User Datagram Protocol) which may prevent WhatsApp Calling from functioning properly.

Why my WhatsApp video call has no sound?

Sometimes WhatsApp video call voice problem can also be solved by clearing cache data and restart the device. Clear cache data doesn’t take much time or cause any data loss, just Open Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Storage, and tap on “Clear Cache”.

How can I hear WhatsApp audio faster?

As you press play on a voice message you will see the playback speed appear, which is set to 1x by default. Touch the speed to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x. Then simply press play.

How can I listen to WhatsApp voice messages without sender knowing?

Use Airplane Mode Once you’ve received a voice message, first make sure the audio has been downloaded, and then activate airplane mode on your phone. Then you will be able to listen to the vocal message without the sender’s knowledge.

How can I speed up my WhatsApp messages?

How to speed up voice messages on WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Tap on the play icon of the voice message you want to speed up.
  3. Tap on the 1x on the voice message to change it to 1.5x – the 1x icon will appear when you press play.
  4. Tap the 1.5x icon to change it to 2x.
  5. Tap the 2x icon to change it back to the default 1x speed.

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