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What is pickling paste for stainless steel?

What is pickling paste for stainless steel?

Pickling pastes contain a combination of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid which can cause serious burn injuries. They are primarily used to post weld clean stainless steels and can be applied by brush or by a spray on process.

What is pickling gel?

Unitor pickling gel is used to remove oxides and discoloration on stainless steel welds and surrounding surfaces. Apply with a brush, leave the gel to work for 50 minutes. Remove with water.

How do you clean steel after welding?

Chemical cleaning is the most commonly used method for metal cleaning. It involves using a chemical pickling paste for cleaning after a welding job. The paste is applied to the affected areas using a brush or spray and left on the surface for some time to interact with the metal.

What is k2 paste?

K-2 Paste is used to clean weld seams and the areas surrounding the welds. AREA COVERED. K-2 Paste form covers 90-100 meters of weld seams with 1kg. Of chemical. APPLICATION PROCEDURE FOR K-2 PASTE.

What is pickling and passivation process?

Both pickling and passivation are chemical processes that are utilized to provide protection to metals against corrosion and pitting. In either process, an acidic solution is applied to the metal surface to remove contaminants and to aid in the formation of a continuous, chromium-oxide passive film.

How do you get rid of welded discoloration?

Pickling paste has long been a standard way to remove heat tint from stainless steel welds. The paste, made from hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid, is applied to the affected areas using a brush or spray, then later removed and neutralized with a neutralizing agent.

What is pickling & passivation of stainless steels?

Simply stated, pickling removes the heat affected layer of stainless steel and prepares the surface for passivation. – Passivation. Passivation is a process that is separate from pickling, which can be performed on its own or after pickling. Unlike pickling, the passivation process does not remove any metal.

Which is the best pickling paste for stainless steel?

SSPA S/S PICKLING PASTE is an innovative Paste/compound that remove –rust oxide, scale , weld discoloration left during welding of all series of stainless steel in the area of weld seams and heat influenced zones.It retain bright velvety mill finished. read more… Thank You. We will review and answer your question shortly.

How is K2 pickling used in stainless steel?

K-2 Pickling Spray is used to clean large fabricated equipments of Stainless steel e.g. Vessels equipment, internals & external of pipes by a pressurized spray bottle or pump. We Manufacture Pickling and Passivation Chemicals for Stainless Steel Industries. Removes Built in Corrosion From Stainless Steel.

What makes stainless steel pickle resistant to corrosion?

Pickling passivation ensures corrosion resistance to components of stainless steel and thus considerably influences their life and usefulness. The corrosion resistance of stainess steel is due to the presence of atleast thirteen percent chromium in the alloy.

Who are the promoters of K2 pickling paste?

The promoters Mr. Anish Shah and Mrs. Anushree Kulkarni have graduated from Mumbai University and are qualified DIPloma holders in electroplating and marketing which has given the organization a boost in terms of knowledge & expertise. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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