How much is parking at Farnham train station?

How much is parking at Farnham train station?

Off-street parking

Location Operator Price
Farnham Railway Station Waverley Borough Council £7.50 / day
South Street Waverley Borough Council £0.70 / hour
South Street Waverley Borough Council £0.60 / hour
Central Car Park Waverley Borough Council £1.00 / hour

How much is parking at ion?

Rates are updated as of June 2021.

Car Park Weekdays before 5/6pm
ION Orchard Mon-Thu: 8am-4.59pm: $2.67 for 1st hr; $1.28 for sub. 30mins or part thereof.
Liat Towers 6.30am-5.59pm: $1.50/30min
Lucky Plaza 7am-4.59pm: $1.93 for 1st hr; $1.28 for sub. ½ hr
Mandarin Gallery 6am-6pm: $3.60 for 1st hr, $0.06 for next sub min

Do you have to pay for parking at Farnham Hospital?

Car Parks: All parking at the hospital is free – there are some designated G.P. spaces in which drivers may not park but this is the only restriction.

Is there free parking at ION Orchard?

No minimum spend is required for you to enjoy our complimentary parking.

Where is there free parking in Farnham?

Where to Park in Farnham

  • Central: 268 Spaces, 6 Disabled spaces (Free)
  • Dogflud: 227 Spaces, 6 Disabled spaces (Free)
  • South Street: 242 Spaces, 4 Disabled spaces (Free)

How do I redeem ion free parking?

  1. Carpark $ can be used to redeem parking benefits at the ION Orchard car park.
  2. ION⁺ Points must be converted to Carpark $ to enjoy the carpark benefits.
  3. ION⁺ Points can be converted into Carpark $ via the Mobile App or at any ION Orchard Concierge counters (B3 / L1 / L4 of ION Orchard) between 10am and 10pm daily.

Is there free parking in Kingston upon Thames?

This is when and where to park for free in Kingston Upon Thames: There is free all-day parking in Kingston all-day Saturday and Sundays in zones B, DG, G, N, B, R, S, There is free all-day parking in Kingston all-day Sunday in zones A, C, G1, H, and part of B, N, and T (Please check the signs)

How do I redeem ion parking?

How many spaces are in Farnham station car park?

Car park – 577 spaces 1 Prices. Weekend £7.90 Flat Rate £3.50 Flat Rate £8.30 Month £120.90 Quarter £362.70 Year £1199.00 Bank Holiday £3.50 2 Opening Times 3 Payment Options 4 Features

How much does it cost to Park in Farnham Road Guildford?

Farnham Road, Farnham Road, Guildford GU2 7NP (pay on foot) 917 *£1 per hour (0.90p per hour if parked before 7am) 10p per hour. Evening charges apply between 7pm-7am. Up to 3 hours: £1.50. 3 to 6…

Is there a level crossing at Farnham station?

Step-free category B Station – Short ramps to both platforms with gradient of up to approx 1:7. Step-free access between platforms via level crossing approximately 50m.

Where is the toilet at Farnham train station?

The toilet is located on Platform 1. The National key toilets are located on Platform 1; these toilets are operated by a radar key. The toilet facilities are only available during Ticket Office opening hours.

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