Does Google Translate have Creole?

Does Google Translate have Creole?

Google’s translation service added support for Haitian Creole, the most popular language in Haiti. A week ago, Microsoft Translator added support for Haitian Creole. “In the current crisis in Haiti there are a number of initiatives to rapidly build software to assist in humanitarian aid.

What does meso mean in Creole?

English Translation. thanks. More meanings for mèsi. thanks noun.

What does TI FRE mean?

English Translation. little brother. More meanings for ti frè brother noun.

What does limena mean in Creole?

limena – Haitian Creole to English Word Translations. Search Result: limena. whore.

What does Yaya mean in Creole?

yaya / kind of fish – kind of dance.

What does Soumoun mean in Creole?

SOU MOUN: This is a common slang phrase in Haitian Creole that means “wannabe” or “obsessed with the options of others.” In some context it just means “annoying.” For example, someone who is always interrupting the conversations of others or giving their opinions when not requested.

Is Creole a different language then French?

Though both French and Haitian Creole are the official languages of Haiti, Haitian Creole is the only language that all Haitians hold in common with one another. The differences between French and Haitian Creole center mostly around the grammar of both languages.

Can English be classified as a creole language?

Creole languages include varieties that are based on French, such as Haitian Creole, Louisiana Creole, and Mauritian Creole; English, such as Gullah (on the Sea Islands of the southeastern United States), Jamaican Creole, Guyanese Creole, and Hawaiian Creole; and Portuguese, such as Papiamentu (in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao) and Cape Verdean; and some have bases in multiple European languages, such as two creoles found in Suriname, Saramacca (based on English and heavily influenced by

Is Patois similar to Creole?

Jamaican Patois, known locally as Patois (Patwa or Patwah [pronunciation?]) and called Jamaican Creole by linguists, is an English-based creole language with West African influences (a majority of non-English loan words are of Akan origin) spoken primarily in Jamaica and among the Jamaican diaspora; it is spoken by the majority of Jamaicans as a native language.

What are some Creole words?

Creole Words. There are a numerous Creole words that have different influences from a variety of cultures. The following is a list of words that are used and their various roots: Aïti-Mountainous land/Haiti (Taino) Bon-Dyé-God/Good Lord!” (French) Chiclèt-chewing gum (variant of English word Chiclets)


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