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Is Ryan Thomas returning to Coronation Street?

Is Ryan Thomas returning to Coronation Street?

Actor Ryan said last year that he had been approached about a Corrie return, but said he was “away at the time” they wanted him so it didn’t happen. But he didn’t rule out a return altogether, which will leave fans hoping that this really could signal his return to the soap.

What does Ryan Thomas do?

Ryan Thomas/Professions
Ryan Thomas is an English actor best known for his time in Coronation Street. He played the role of Jason Grimshaw for six years before moving to star in Australian soap, Neighbours. He has also dated his Corrie co-star Tina O’Brien and is currently in a relationship with TOWIE babe Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Is Ryan in Coronation Street leaving?

Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas has announced that he is leaving the cobbles, waving goodbye to the Rovers Return and saying cheerio to lots of drama. Ryan Thomas as Jason Grimshaw (image:ITV). The show’s producer Stuart Blackburn added: “Ryan has been an important part of Coronation Street for 15 years.

Why has Ryan Thomas quit acting?

Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas has announced he is quitting acting, after having “really lost the bug for it”. “I started off acting, I started off in that game and I really lost the bug for it. “I feel the reason for losing the bug is rejection and going to auditions and not getting them.”

What happened to Jason from Corrie?

Jason Grimshaw is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street. It was announced in October 2015 that Thomas had quit the role of Jason, and the character departed on 29 June 2016.

Who does Ryan Thomas have a child with?

Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas
Roman Ravello Thomas
Ryan Thomas/Children
Ryan and his fiancé Lucy Mecklenburgh, who have recently bought a doer-upper second home in Cheshire, live with their newborn son Roman in Essex but the soap star regularly travels up north to visit 12-year-old Scarlett.

Are Ryan and Daisy together?

Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) is currently dating Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) following his split from Alya Nazir (Sair Khan), an incident that came about after Daisy schemed to seduce Ryan.

Who is Ryan in Corrie related to?

Ryan left in 2010 and returned in 2012 played by Sol Heras. He was originally the adoptive son of Michelle Connor, due to a mix up at the hospital the day he was born but in recent years has been considered the biological son of her, as she has spoken of him as her real son.

What happened to the real Todd in Corrie?

From 2001 to 2004, Langley played the character of Todd Grimshaw in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. However, following his sexual assault charges, Langley’s contract with Coronation Street was terminated in October 2017.

Is Jason Grimshaw dead?

It was announced in October 2015 that Thomas had quit the role of Jason, and the character departed on 29 June 2016….

Jason Grimshaw
Last appearance Episode 8933 29 June 2016
Introduced by Jane MacNaught

Who did Jason Grimshaw marry?

He married Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) at one point, and the couple had a daughter, Bethany (Lucy Fallon), together in their teens.

How old is Ryan Thomas?

37 years (June 10, 1984)
Ryan Thomas/Age

Who are the actors in Corrie Goes to Kenya?

In 2012, Thomas took part in a documentary called Corrie Goes to Kenya, along with his co-stars Brooke Vincent ( Sophie Webster ), Sue Cleaver (who plays his on-screen mother Eileen Grimshaw) and Ben Price ( Nick Tilsley ). Thomas said that his time in Kenya changed him as a person and made him realise how much he has in life.

Why did Ryan Thomas file for bankruptcy in 2013?

In 2013, he filed for bankruptcy following an unpaid tax bill of £40,000. Thomas was arrested in 2015 for being drunk and disorderly in a Lake District nightclub. He was fined £90.

What kind of ancestry does Ryan Thomas have?

He is of British, Indian and Caribbean ancestry. His paternal grandfather is from Mumbai, India and emigrated to Manchester, England, in 1947. His paternal great-grandmother was a West Indian who had Caribbean ancestry.

When did Ryan Thomas join the cast of Neighbours?

Thomas joined the cast of Australian television soap opera Neighbours in October 2017 as Rafael Humphreys. He made his on-screen debut during the 60-minute “Hit & Run” special on 12 February 2018. In August 2018, Thomas took part in the 22nd series of Celebrity Big Brother.

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