Does booking com have promo codes?

Does booking com have promo codes?

Does Booking.com have promo codes? Yes, you can find a Booking.com coupon on just about every destination offered on the travel site. In addition to limited-time offers, you can use Booking.com promotion codes on hotels, rental homes, flights, and car rentals. Travelers can also sign up for Secret Deals via email.

How much is it to go to Massanutten?

Rates Valid Sept. 7 – Nov. 19

Admission Type Advance Same Day
General Admission 42” Tall & Over $40 $45
General Admission Under 42” Tall $29 $33
Gold Card Property Owner & Military 42” Tall & Over $32 $36
Gold Card Property Owner & Military Under 42” Tall $23 $26

Why is it called Massanutten?

The mountain at that time was probably called “Buffalo Mountain” or “Peaked Mountain”; but the gap was known as Massanutten Gap. At any rate, in 1746, when Thomas Lewis and his colleagues surveyed the Fairfax Line, the mountain was called “Peaked Mountain,” while “Massanutten” was the name applied to the gap.

Where can I sell my timeshare?

To start with, you can use sites like eBay, Craigslist and Timeshare Users Group. Also, look for “sold” listings. They’re a more accurate indicator of price than one that’s only listed (which is often the wishful thinking of what an owner wants to get for their timeshare).

How do you get discounts on bookings?

How can I get a discount at Booking.com? Get discount at Booking.com when you browse the Travel Deals page. From there, you can find travel offers and enjoy 15% discount or more on your stay.

How do I get 10 off booking com?

Complete your stay at your accommodation booked through Booking.com. Claim your 10% cash back reward based on the price of your accommodation in the form of a refund to your credit card or debit card after your stay. When you have checked out of the hotel, Booking.com will send you an email on how to claim your reward.

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