Can we use sessions in MVC?

Can we use sessions in MVC?

ASP.NET MVC provides three ways (TempData, ViewData and ViewBag) to manage session, apart from that we can use session variable, hidden fields and HTML controls for the same. But like session variable these elements cannot preserve values for all requests; value persistence varies depending the flow of request.

What is session MVC?

Session is derived from the HttpSessionStateBase class and is used for persisting data i.e. State Management across requests in ASP.Net MVC Razor. 1. Session saves data similar to a Dictionary object i.e. Keys and Values where Keys are String while Values will be objects.

How can we store session data in MVC?

To store data in session, we do as we used to do in ASP.NET Web Form. Session stores the data in key and value format. Value gets stored in object format, so any type of data (string, integer, class collection etc.) can be stored into the Session.

What is difference between TempData and session in MVC?

This blog is help us to learn difference between TempData and Session in MVC….TempData Vs Session in MVC.

TempData Session
It is used to stored only one time messages like validation messages, error messages etc. It is used to stored long life data like user id, role id etc. which required throughout user session.

Does TempData use session?

Since TempData is stored in cookies you don’t need Session state enabled through the session state middleware. Storing TempData in cookies can be useful when : The data being stored in TempData is small in size. Web application is part of web farm and you don’t want sticky sessions.

How many types of sessions are there?

There are four mode types or just modes. In-Process mode, State Server mode, SQL Server mode, Custom mode and Off mode. These are modes. In-Process mode uses memory as session storage.

Which is better ViewBag or ViewData?

In theory if properly implemented, the ViewBag would ultimately outperform the use of the ViewData dictionary because the binding of the expressions (e.g. ViewBag.

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