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What does pole work do for horses?

What does pole work do for horses?

‘Polework is good for improving balance, control and steering. It also requires precision, so it can help to refine your aids (and your horse’s reaction to those aids), which benefits everyday riding,’ explains Stef.

How often should you do pole work with your horse?

Introduce one exercise at a time for five minutes only, two or three times a week, then build up to 15 minutes. Start with just two or three poles and only add in more when your horse doesn’t touch any of them.

What is a horse training field called?

In the USA, such spaces are called a paddock or, in the western United States, a corral, in the British Isles, a paddock, and in Australia, a pen.

How do you introduce canter poles?

Start simple, especially if your horse hasn’t been over ground poles before. Set one single pole on the ground in an open, flat area. Introduce your horse to the pole by walking, then trotting straight over it. Once he is comfortable with that, you can add another pole several strides away.

How do you start a horse on a pole?

The horse can start on the left- or right-hand side of the poles and will then run straight down, turn the end pole, weave through the poles, turn around the final pole and weave back. When the horse turns around the end pole, he will then run straight down the opposite side from where he started.

Why does my horse trip over trotting poles?

Normally tripping over poles is down to an issue with your horse’s hoof-brain coordination. Mistakes like this normally occur when a horse is rushing – or trying to rush. To solve the problem, it’s crucial to obtain a good rhythm and balance, so build in plenty of half-halts to ask him to wait and listen to you.

What do trot poles help with?

Trotting poles. Trotting poles help improve the way your pony moves, as they make him more aware of where he’s putting his hooves and how he’s using his legs, keeping him focused and creating impulsion. Set up four poles four pigeon steps (about 1-1.35 metres) apart.

What is it called where horses stay?

A stable is a building in which livestock, especially horses, are kept.

What do canter poles help with?

Every horse must be able to shorten and lengthen their canter stride, regardless of what discipline they compete in and to what level. The following pole exercise used by Australian Olympic event rider Chris Burton will help improve your horse’s strength and coordination so that they can easily alter a stride.

What kind of pole work should I do for my horse?

Pole work exercises which involve navigating around rather than over poles are great for improving your horse’s suppleness. You can also use pole work exercises where the poles are laid out in a curve or fan shape, or even place poles at key points along a serpentine.

How are poles used in pole work exercises?

Pole work exercises involve laying poles on the ground on a level riding surface such as an arena. The poles are laid out a set distance apart, to allow your horse to pass over or through without knocking the poles. This distance is determined by the size and stride length of your horse, similar to when setting up a jumping grid.

What can I do to keep my horse interested in jumping?

Use canter poles to work on rhythm and having an even canter stride. Place two poles on a five/six stride distance and canter through them. This will help relaxation when it comes to jumping as this will help teach your horse to keep an even stride between the two poles.

How can I teach my horse to canter over Poles?

Work on a circle, cantering over the middle of the poles as you reach that part of the circle. Your horse should maintain rhythm and bend, and canter the poles without jumping or rushing.

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