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How much horsepower does a 351 Windsor have?

How much horsepower does a 351 Windsor have?

Ford 351W V-8 Specs

Engine: Ford 351W V-8 (5.8L)
Peak Horsepower: • 1969 – 250 hp w/ 2 barrel carburetor, 300 hp @ 5,400 rpm w/ 4 barrel carburetor • 1972 (net power ratings adopted) – 153 hp w/ 2 barrel, 161 hp w/ 4 barrel • 1997 – 205 hp (CA version), 210 hp @ 3,600 rpm • Ford Lightning – 240 hp @ 4,200 rpm

How much power can a 351 Cleveland handle?

Registered. The hp on any block depends on many factors. The most obvious of course is how the block is casted which the 351C has an advantage in that area over any other ford small block. One block could crack at 500 hp while the other holds fine at 700+.

When did the 351 Windsor engine come out?

The 351 Windsor engine first appeared in 1969 and is based on a 90-degree V8 design that utilizes an overhead valve train. This design uses hydraulic lifters and is operated by a camshaft located in the center of the engine block.

How tall is the deck on a Ford 351 Windsor?

Still, for this reason, builders sometimes covet 351w blocks from 69 – 74, looking for very high horsepower or torque numbers. In 1971 Ford extended the deck height from 9.48 inches to 9.503 inches to lower the compression ratio for emissions.

What are the specs of a 1969 Windsor?

351 Windsor Performance Specs. With the introduction of the 351 Windsor in 1969, the 2 barrel carburetor version was rated at 250 horsepower and the 4 barrel carburetor version was 300 horsepower at 5400 RPM, with peak torque of 380 lb-ft at 3400 RPM for the 4 barrel version.

What kind of camshaft does a Windsor 351 use?

For the majority of its life, the valvetrain used a cast iron camshaft with a flat tappet design; however, this was updated in 1994 to begin using a steel roller cam and lifter system. The longevity of the Windsor 351 speaks for itself to the great popularity of this engine, and an engine is not popular just because of luck.

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