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What is the record for tiger muskie?

What is the record for tiger muskie?

44-pound 4-ounces
The Committee of the Modern Day Muskellunge World Record Program is pleased to announce the acceptance of a Tiger “Hybrid” Muskellunge weighing 44-pound 4-ounces as its new modern day world record.

How many tiger muskies are in Pineview?

Many fish are caught during the heat of the afternoon. All in all, more than 20,000 tigers have bee planted in Pineview, with the first stocked in 1987.

How hard is it to catch a tiger muskie?

On occasion, an angler can catch a tiger muskie with their regular perch rigging. But these fish are generally difficult to land with such light tackle. Ranging in sizes up to 40 inches and longer and 20-plus pounds makes for a worthy adversary.

Are tiger muskies sterile?

In small lakes, tiger muskies are a better choice than northern pike which could reproduce and develop a stunted population. Since tiger muskies are sterile it is relatively easy to remove them from a lake over time through harvest of adult fish and cessation of stocking.

How old do tiger muskies get?

I know that there are instances where they have lived to about 15 years, but that is exceedingly rare. I have been working and playing w/ them for about 16 years now and have yet to document one over 8 years old. Our 5 year-old fish are usually about 40″; growth rates, however, are an extremely variable thing.

Do muskies eat humans?

Muskies, or muskellunge, are predatory ambush specialists whose diet is mostly smaller fish, even smaller muskies. However, a Wikipedia description of the species includes this passage: “Although very rare, muskellunge attacks on humans do occur on occasion.”

Are muskie rare?

Muskies are rare, but we do see a few each season. Pike spawn earlier than Muskies do and young pike will prey on the baby Muskies which is one limiting factor to the muskie population. There are three distinct patterns of pure Muskies (clear, spotted, and barred) and the cross between Pike and Muskie (Tiger Muskie).

What’s the state record tiger muskie in Utah?

Their most identifiable feature is their vertical stripes that give them their name “Tiger Muskie”. The current Utah State Record Tiger Muskie is 53.0″ and was caught out of Pineview Reservoir. The Tiger Muskie is a relatively new species to Utah, so most anglers in Utah don’t know much about them.

When is the best time to catch a tiger muskie?

This is especially important in the summer time when water temps approach 80 degrees. The warm water temps cause a decrease in oxygen in the water and it is much harder for the muskie to breathe and to recover in the heat. Being aware of these issues will help you to be a better muskie angler and insure the health of the tiger muskie.

What kind of line to use for tiger muskie?

Most anglers targeting Tiger Muskie use at least 80 lb braided line with a 100 lb fluorocarbon leader. Another good option is a good quality steel leader from a musky shop such as the Anglers Den in Roy, Utah. Every angler has their own preference when it comes to line.

What kind of food does a tiger muskie eat?

The reason they grow at a much more rapid pace is because they do not reproduce and therefore don’t expend energy breeding. The Tiger Muskies main diet consists of fish, frogs, mice and waterfowl. They are cold blooded, meaning their body temperature will reflect the water temperature.

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