What frequency is 800 MHz?

What frequency is 800 MHz?

The 800 MHz frequency band is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, or frequency band, that encompasses 790–862 MHz.

What frequencies do emergency services use?

VHF, UHF calling frequencies can also be used to make emergency calls. 1294.500 MHz (U.S.) 927.500 MHz (U.S.) 446.00 MHz (U.S.)

Does 800 MHz require a repeater?

The 800MHz frequency is also regularly referred to as the 850MHz frequency. Some networks, like T-Mobile or Cricket, will use only one frequency (1900MHz in this case) for all their services across the US. All customers can be assured that only a single-band repeater will be required.

Is 868MHz legal in USA?

No. The FCC does not allow unlicensed transmitters in this band. Furthermore these bands are occupied by high-power licensed users. Background radiation levels can be very high.

Who are the operators of the 800 MHz band?

The 800 MHz band is also home to commercial wireless carriers and private radio systems. To address a growing problem of harmful interference to 800 MHz public safety communication systems caused by high-density commercial wireless systems, the Commission in July 2004 adopted a comprehensive plan to reconfigure the band.

What was the purpose of the 800 MHz spectrum?

This plan is designed to protect the lives of first responders and other emergency personnel and fulfills the Commission’s obligation to promote safety of life and property through the use of wire and radio communications.

Who is licensed to use the 758-769 MHz spectrum?

The 758-769/788-799 MHz broadband allotment is licensed to the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), which is responsible for building and operating the nationwide broadband public safety network. All other public safety channels are licensed by the FCC under varying rules and administrative procedures.

Who is the 800 MHz transition administrator for the FCC?

For Rebanding Questions/Comments e-mail [email protected] or contact the 800 MHz Transition Administrator. To facilitate the rebanding process, the Commission has provided for the creation of an independent 800 MHz Transition Administrator (TA) to administer the transition and review expenditures.

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