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Is Seagull Camera good?

Is Seagull Camera good?

Based on the iconic Rolleiflex Twin-Lens Reflex camera, the Seagull TLR offers excellent quality at an affordable price. Design-wise, the camera is patterned after the esteemed Rolleiflex TLR cameras by Franke & Heidecke, heralded as the finest series of its kind.

How do twin-lens reflex cameras work?

In a twin-lens reflex camera, the finder has a lens of its own, essentially a duplicate of the aperture lens, placed above it and reflecting the image by a mirror to a ground-glass screen. The image is not inverted but is laterally reversed.

How do I make my TLR viewfinder brighter?

jay ott. About the only way to brighten the viewfinder is to replace the viewing lens (the one on top) with a faster one.

What is the purpose of a twin lens reflex?

TLR stands for Twin Lens Reflex. The camera uses two lenses of equal focal length, one for viewing and focusing and the other for taking the photograph; reflex refers to the mirror used behind the viewing lens that redirects the image-forming light onto a focusing screen.

How do you focus a Rolleiflex?

Once a photographer is familiar with the operation of the Rolleiflex TLR, it’s time to put the camera through its paces and shoot some beautiful photographs. For street photography, a good method is to set the focus to 10 feet and the f/stop and shutter speed to a combination suitable for shooting in shade or sunlight.

What does TLR stand for?


Acronym Definition
TLR Transmission Loading Relief
TLR Texas Law Review
TLR Templar (gaming guild)
TLR Tonic Labyrinthine Reflex

How do you clean ground glass on a camera?

To clean the ground glass, use a damp cotton pad and wipe it in one direction. Some lint may be left on it, so use a microfibre cloth or a dust blower to remove them. If your camera’s prism can be removed (usually requiring a screwdriver), take it out and clean the surfaces.

How do you clean TLR mirrors?

My way: Remove the mirror, clean with water and soap. Use a soft paintbrush and work under water with next to none pressure. After that, clean the brush and use destilled water for a final rinse. Let the mirror dry in a dust protected place.

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