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What is the iodine number of olive oil?

What is the iodine number of olive oil?

The iodine value (or iodine adsorption value or iodine number or iodine index, commonly abbreviated as IV) in chemistry is the mass of iodine in grams that is consumed by 100 grams of a chemical substance….Iodine Value.

Fat Iodine Value (g/100g)
Coconut Oil 6-11
Fish oil 190-205
Linseed Oil 170-204
Olive Oil 75-94

Is there iodine in olive oil?

The iodine number is an important characteristic of oils as it indicates the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids present. Sunflower oil, about 70% PUFA, has a high iodine number, and olive oil, rich in the mona- unsaturated oleic acid, has a moderately high iodine number.

Does extra virgin olive oil contain iodine?

Extra virgin olive oil is required to have no more than 0.8% free acidity and is considered to have favorable flavor characteristics….Olive oil.

Fat composition
Saturated fats
Refractive index 1.4677–1.4705 (virgin and refined) 1.4680–1.4707 (pomace)
Iodine value 75–94 (virgin and refined) 75–92 (pomace)

Which oil has highest iodine value?

Thus, the higher the iodine value, the more unsaturations are present in the fat….Iodine values of various oils and fats.

Fat Iodine value (gI/ 100g)
Rapeseed oil 94 – 120
Rice bran oil 99 – 108
Safflower oil 135 – 150
Sesame oil 100 – 120

Which oil has the highest iodine value?

What does iodine number indicate?

The iodine value (IV) indicates the degree of unsaturation of a fat or oil. It is defined as the number of grams of iodine absorbed by 100 g of fat.

What is the value of iodine in oil?

See Article History. Alternative Title: iodine number. Iodine value, also called Iodine Number, in analytical chemistry, measure of the degree of unsaturation of an oil, fat, or wax; the amount of iodine, in grams, that is taken up by 100 grams of the oil, fat, or wax.

What kind of food has no iodine value?

Saturated oils, fats, and waxes take up no iodine; therefore their iodine value is zero; but unsaturated oils, fats, and waxes take up iodine.

What is the iodine number of coconut oil?

The iodine number of coconut oil typically ranges from 7.5-. 10.5, that of olive oil from 74-94 and of sunflower oil from 125-. 136. 2 This difference arises from the differences in fatty acid. composition of these oils.

Why are iodine numbers important in fatty acids?

Iodine numbers are often used to determine the amount of unsaturation in fats, oils and waxes. In fatty acids, unsaturation occurs mainly as double bonds which are very reactive towards halogens, the iodine in this case. Thus, the higher the iodine value, the more unsaturations are present in the fat.

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