Are there male Swifties?

Are there male Swifties?

Swifties — the fans of country singer turned electropop queen Taylor Swift — might have the most polarizing reputation in pop music. Besides, he says, “you’d be surprised how many straight male Swifties are out there.”

What are male Taylor Swift fans called?

Taylor’s fans call themselves Swifties, and their being a social group is the subject of this analysis.

What Taylor Swift songs do guys like?

13 Taylor Swift Songs Every Guy Should Listen To

  • Fifteen. “I’ve found time can heal most anything.
  • White Horse. “This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town,
  • You Belong With Me. “Dreaming about the day when you wake up.
  • Back to December. “You’ve been good, busier then ever.
  • Tell Me Why.
  • All Too Well.
  • Speak Now.
  • Tim McGraw.

What is a Taylor Swift fan called?

Enter Taylor Swift, another white person running an industry. Now, before you all unleash the hounds, let me state my case: Swift is an amazing singer that wouldn’t be where she is now without her millions of fans (called Swifties) that make sure she remains bulletproof.

Does Taylor Swift have a song not about love?

Never Grow Up (Speak Now) Swift said she wrote the song when she was 18 or 19 when her friend and model Jaime King made her the godmother of her baby. “Never Grow Up” is about the feeling of when she holds the baby and imagines the life ahead of him, and contemplates the concept of growing up.

How do you become a Taylor Swift fan?


  1. A simple complication and miscommunications lead to fallout.
  2. When going to Taylor Swift concerts, try to have the biggest sign.
  3. Make sure to listen to her songs, and maybe even start a fan-page.
  4. Try to learn about her life and interests.
  5. Copy Taylor’s style if you like.

Is Taylornation a fan account?

They have social media accounts where they post updates on Taylor, and videos, ranging from tour memories to merch deals! This team uses their social media to reach out to fans that are picked to meet Taylor, leaving their fandom-famous starting statement, “CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE”.

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