What to expect from an assessment day for a job?

What to expect from an assessment day for a job?

You can expect a combination of the following:

  • Information session.
  • Group ice-breaker exercise.
  • Aptitude and psychometric tests.
  • In-tray or e-tray exercise.
  • Group exercise.
  • Presentation.
  • Written task.
  • Interview.

What is assessment day interview?

An assessment centre (or assessment day) is a combination of tasks and activities that test your suitability for the job. You’ll have the chance to demonstrate a wider range of skills than you would have been able to during a traditional face-to-face interview.

What happens after an assessment day?

You will receive the selection board’s feedback in the form of a competency passport, along with the letter informing you of your overall results when the Assessment Centre period is over.

When should assessment Centres be used?

Assessment centres are a great way for employers to evaluate how you respond to different situations, tasks and tests. Assessors can observe first-hand how you behave and work within a team, how you approach assignments and how you apply your skills and knowledge during a variety of activities.

What are the disadvantage of assessment centers?

Disadvantages of Assessment Centre

  • Assessment centre is very costly.
  • It is very time consuming.
  • Highly experienced managers are required to evaluate the candidates.
  • The evaluators may be biased.
  • The candidates may not get proper feedback.

What are the tasks in the fast stream assessment centre?

Task 1 – You will be given information from a variety of sources, on two possible projects. Your task will be to analyse both sets of information, and to choose which project you would recommend. Your written report should show strong, clear arguments for your recommendation as this is what you will be assessed on.

How long does a civil service fast stream assessment last?

The assessors will be looking at how clearly you communicate, how well you listen to others and how strongly you put your arguments forward. The discussion will last for a total of 15 minutes and is an influential part of the Civil Service Fast Stream assessment centre.

Do you need to practice fast stream aptitude test?

You should practice the Fast Stream aptitude tests like a demon. IMPORTANT POINT : Different employers use different test suppliers. This is very important when you’re taking practice tests as the style, content and format differs from one test supplier to another.

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