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How do I customize Finder window on Mac?

How do I customize Finder window on Mac?

(If Show Sidebar is dimmed, choose View > Show Toolbar.) Resize the sidebar: Drag the right side of the divider bar to the right or left. Change what’s in the sidebar: Choose Finder > Preferences, click Sidebar, then select or deselect items. Rearrange items in the sidebar: Drag an item to a new location.

How do I set Finder window size on Mac?

It is very easy to do this:

  1. Open a new Finder window.
  2. As you resize the window, hold the Command ⌘ (not Alt / Option ) key. Close resized window.
  3. Then hold the Alt / Option key as you right click on Finder in the Dock and click Relaunch.
  4. Any Finder windows opened after this will open at that size.

How do you use Finder on Macbook?

To open a Finder window, click the Finder icon in the Dock at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Sync devices. When you connect a device like an iPhone or iPad, you can see it in the Finder sidebar.
  2. Gallery View.
  3. Quick Actions.
  4. Tip: Select a file and press the Space bar to open Quick Look.

How do I permanently resize Finder window on Mac?

How to resize Finder window permanently in Mac OS X

  1. Open Finder and adjust the size as per your wish.
  2. Close the Finder window.
  3. Now, this is the main step. Press the Option key and right click (Control+click, or a Two-Finger click on trackpad) on the Finder. You would see a list of the options, click on relaunch.

How do I minimize Finder on Mac?

Open the Apple menu; choose the “Dock” fly-out menu and select “Dock Preferences” to access the Dock pane within your System Preferences. Set the “Minimize Using” drop-down menu to “Scale Effect” to make your application and Finder windows reduce in size as they vanish.

How do you resize a window with the keyboard on a Mac?

1. Hold down the Option key while resizing a window: This will resize the window equally on both sides. 2. Hold down the Shift key while resizing a window: This will resize the window proportionally.

How do you check disk space on Mac?

How to check disk space on Mac by using the Disk Utility app: Click the magnifying glass at the top right to open Spotlight. Type disk utility into the search box. Choose Disk Utility from result or press Enter when it is highlighted.

How can I see how much space is left on my hard drive?

Open a new Finder window by pressing Command+N or selecting File > New Finder Window in the menu bar. (You can also use a little-known shortcut to open one from anywhere.) In the window that opens, click on the drive you’d like to check in the sidebar. At the bottom of the window, you will see how much space is left on the drive.

How do I make the hard drive visible in the finder?

While in the Finder, go to the “Finder” menu and select “Preferences”. From the “General” tab, place a check next to “Hard disks” — this will make your hard drive visible on the Desktop.

Where do I find my hard disk on my Mac?

Click Finder on the desktop. Choose Preferences. Select General from the menu. Check the storage device – Hard disks – under Show these items on the desktop to make it appear on your desktop. Go to select the storage device on the desktop. Press the spacebar and a window will pop up.

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