Did Smokey the bear ever say only you can prevent forest fires?

Did Smokey the bear ever say only you can prevent forest fires?

Smokey Bear was born on Aug. 9, 1944, when the U.S. Forest Service and the Ad Council agreed that a fictional bear would be the symbol for their joint effort to promote forest fire prevention. In 1947, his slogan became the familiar “Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires!” …

What is Smokey the bear motto?

Smokey’s face appeared on posters with his famous slogan: “only you can prevent forest fires.” In 2001, the slogan was updated to: “only you can prevent wildfires.” Smokey has also appeared on postage stamps, billboards and even a hot-air balloon.

Why did they change Smokey the bear’s slogan?

According to the bear’s official bio, the change was “in response to a massive outbreak of wildfires in natural areas other than forests and to clarify that Smokey is promoting the prevention of unwanted and unplanned outdoor fires versus prescribed fires.”

Is Smokey the Bear controversial?

Sometimes, Smokey gets caught in the middle of the campaign’s roots in World War II patriotism, propaganda and racism. Some scholars who study anthropology and race, including geographer Jake Kosek, argue that the campaign is a symbol of white racist colonialism.

Is Smokey the Bear a real bear?

The “real” Smokey Bear was a cub found in a tree in the midst of a wildfire in New Mexico’s Capitan Mountains in 1950. Badly burned on his paws and hind legs, the cub was rescued and treated. He lived out his days at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., as the living symbol of Smokey Bear.

Is Smokey the Bear Dead?

Smokey Bear lived at the National Zoo for 26 years. Little Smokey died August 11, 1990. Upon the death of the original bear on November 9, 1976, his remains were returned by the government to Capitan, New Mexico, and buried at Smokey Bear Historical Park, operated by the New Mexico State Forestry Division.

Is Smokey the bear controversial?

Is Smokey the bear still relevant?

Through it all, Smokey has endured as an iconic piece of Americana; his message has remained as relevant today as it was in 1944.

Who was the illustrator of the Smokey Bear?

The Forest Service and War Advertising Council introduced a bear as the fire prevention campaign symbol. Illustrator Albert Staehle drew the first Smokey Bear. Two years later, Forest Service artist Rudy Wendelin.

How is Smokey Bear’s image protected by law?

As one of the world’s most recognizable characters, Smokey’s image is protected by U.S. federal law and is administered by the USDA Forest Service , the National Association of State Foresters and the Ad Council. Despite the campaign’s success over the years, wildfire prevention remains one of the most critical issues affecting our country.

Who was the original singer of Smokey the bear?

According to the Ad Council, 80% of outdoor recreationists correctly identified Smokey Bear’s image and 8 in 10 recognized the campaign PSAs. In 1952, the songwriters Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins had a successful song named “Smokey the Bear” which was performed by Eddy Arnold.

How did Smokey Bear get his name Bambi?

It’s the only time Smokey Bear ever has a middle name. Disney loaned Bambi to the Ad Council for one year for their fire prevention effort prior to Smokey Bear. The Forest Service and War Advertising Council introduced a bear as the fire prevention campaign symbol.

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