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How much does polycarbonate panels cost?

How much does polycarbonate panels cost?

The Covid 19 future of Polycarbonate Pricing

Thickness Configuration Dimension Price /ea per panel
10mm 3/8″ twinwall 6 x 12 $
16mm 5/8″ fivewall 6 x 8 $
16mm 5/8″ fivewall 6 x 10 $
16mm 5/8″ fivewall 6 x 12 $

Are polycarbonate panels expensive?

Disadvantages of Polycarbonate Panels Polycarbonate panels have few disadvantages when compared to other materials such as glass or plastic. The high price is one of the major disadvantages of polycarbonate panels since it is much more expensive than glass and other plastics.

Is polycarbonate cheaper than glass?

Because polycarbonate is very light and is virtually unbreakable, it won’t do much damage if part of the roof falls. Polycarbonate is also less expensive than glass and is much easier to work with.

Can you walk on Polygal?

Avoid walking on the Polygal at any point during the installation. 2. Check that you have all the necessary materials to correctly install the Polygal before starting installation. Once your Polygal sheets are screwed into place, you should apply the vent tape to seal off open flutes ASAP.

What kind of warranty do Polygal sheets have?

The sheets are approved for both indoor and outdoor use. The architectural grade material combined with the UV protective coating insures the material will survive wind, hail, and snow loads. Each sheet comes standard with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. We keep a wide range of colors and thicknesses in stock.

Is it OK to add Polygal to a pergola?

Because they are light and strong, they do not require complex construction techniques! All PolyGal sheets are weather-proof and made to last. Pergolas Veranda and Canopies covering made easy!!! You can add PolyGal to any pergola for our advertised price.

How big are polycoolite twinwall twinwall sheets?

The multiwall sheets are available in clear, ice or bronze. The sheets are available in 4′ or 6′ widths with lengths from 6′ to 24′ (unless otherwise specified). There are two different 8mm twinwall specialty sheets. The Polycoolite Polygal polycarbonate sheets have a coating which reduces heat and has 100% light diffusion.

What are the properties of Polygal polycarbonate sheets?

These sheets with the light diffusion properties ensure that all parts of the plant canopy, including the bottom, receive equal light. This equals healthier, higher producing plants. We have polycarbonate H, ECP (base and cap) and U profiles. We also have the aluminum Mega Lock glazing system available from this warehouse as well.

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