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Is Asian Studies peer reviewed?

Is Asian Studies peer reviewed?

All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous double-blind peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two anonymous referees. All review, invited, opinion, and reflective papers in this journal have undergone editorial screening and peer review.

What is Asian Studies degree?

The Asian Studies major is an interdisciplinary program with an emphasis on the study of humanities, arts, social sciences and Asian languages as a way to understand Asian cultures. Many Asian Studies courses also fulfill one or more general education requirements.

What is modern South Asian Studies?

The MSc in Modern South Asian Studies is an exciting degree bringing together Oxford’s wealth of expertise on South Asia in a single programme. Students gain access to teaching and expert supervision across departments in the Social Sciences and Humanities Divisions.

Why is Asian Studies Important?

Asia is home to half the world’s population. Studying the culturally and historically diverse areas of Asia provides opportunities for students to discover new global perspectives. Knowledge of Asia combined with other disciplines enhances employment prospects and possibilities of working internationally.

Why is Asia so important to the world?

Importance of Asia. Asia is the most important region of our world for achieving global well-being. One reason is simply the region we call Asia is where most of us live. In being so populous, Asia is also home to diverse societies, each with their own creativity and technological prowess.

How much do Chinese majors make?

Chinese language majors earn an average mid-career salary of $78,900 a year.

What kind of research is modern Asian Studies?

Modern Asian Studies publishes cutting-edge research articles on the history, social anthropology, sociology, political science, and cultures of modern Asia.

How long does it take for modern Asian Studies to be published?

If a manuscript is accepted for publication in Modern Asian Studies, the journal usually insists on a two-year moratorium before it may be reprinted in another journal or edited volume, subject to the approval and conditions of Cambridge University Press.

How many words are in modern Asian Studies?

Modern Asian Studies does not publish short book reviews (conventionally 800 to 1,000 words). Instead, the journal carries longer review articles (typically between 7,000 and 14,000 words, although no formal word limit requirements are stipulated, as with all the journal’s articles).

What are the exceptions to modern Asian Studies?

Modern Asian Studies allows three exceptions to this stipulation: if a submission has been published previously (1) as part of a limited circulation set of conference working papers or proceedings, (2) on an author’s personal webpage, or (3), in exceptional circumstances, in another journal in an Asian language other than English.

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