Is a 2016 Audi S6 reliable?

Is a 2016 Audi S6 reliable?

In government crash tests, the Audi S6 received five out of five stars overall, with five stars for frontal crash protection and five stars for side crash protection.

Should I buy an Audi S6?

For Drivers looking for a luxury sports sedan with high levels of safety, performance, and comfort, the 2017 Audi S6 is a great choice. It is well made and attractive, as well as fun to drive. Consumers looking for a great all-around performance vehicle would be well served to check out the Audi S6.

How much horsepower does a 2016 Audi s6?

450 hp
2016 Audi S6/Horsepower

How much horsepower does a 2018 Audi S6 have?

2018 Audi S6/Horsepower

What engine is in a 2016 Audi s6?

4.0 L V8
2016 Audi S6/Engine

What kind of car is the 2016 Audi S6?

The 2016 Audi S6 is a high-performance version of the A6 midsize luxury sedan. It’s offered in two trim levels: Premium Plus and Prestige.

How much torque does a 2016 Audi S6 have?

Torque, however, remains pat at 406 lb-ft from 1400 rpm. The extra muscle didn’t seem to make a difference when we took the 2016 S6 to the track, though. In fact, this car was a touch slower than the last S6 to which we strapped our measuring devices, with the zero-to-60-mph run taking 3.9 seconds, versus the previous car’s 3.7.

What is the NHTSA rating for the Audi S6?

The NHTSA gave the 2016 Audi S6 a five-star overall safety score (out of a possible five stars) while the IIHS considers it a Top Safety Pick+, earning a Good score in five crash testing categories (Good is the highest possible score).

Is the Audi S6 really a crowd pleaser?

Audi’s marketing claims the S6 sedan is “a crowd pleaser.” We beg to differ. In truth, more than ever, this supercar in disguise is designed to please the connoisseur who’d rather not draw a crowd. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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