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What was Zenon catch phrase?

What was Zenon catch phrase?

Zenon first appeared in the 1996 children’s science fiction picture book Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, to which the films were based on. It is revealed that she is born in 2036. Her catchphrase is “Cetus-Lupeedus”.

How do you spell Zetus Lapetus?

You’re also probably like, “But Urban Dictionary says it’s ‘Zetus Lapetus,’ and Urban Dictionary NEVER lies.”

Who was the singer in Zenon?

Proto Zoa
Proto Zoa is one of the main characters in the Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century Trilogy. He is a famous Rock Star that is the Lead Singer of the band called “Microbe” that Zenon Kar and Nebula Wade are fans of.

What year is Zenon set in?

Set in the year 2049, this made-for-TV movie focuses on Zenon Kar, a spunky and outspoken thirteen-year-old living on a space station owned by Parker Wyndham.

Which is the most famous feature of Iapetus?

The second most notable feature of Iapetus is its “equatorial ridge,” a chain of 6-mile (10-km) high mountains girdling the moon’s equator. On the anti-Saturnian side of Iapetus, the ridge appears to break up and distinct, partially bright mountains are observed.

Who are the sons of Iapetus and why are they important?

The sons of Iapetus were sometimes regarded as mankind’s ancestors, and as such some of humanity’s worst qualities were said to have been inherited from these four gods, each of whom were described with a particular moral fault that often led to their own downfall.

Why does Iapetus have a low orbital inclination?

One suggestion for the cause of Iapetus’s orbital inclination is an encounter between Saturn and another planet. The low density of Iapetus indicates that it is mostly composed of ice, with only a small (~20%) amount of rocky materials.

Where does the dark material on Iapetus come from?

The original dark material is believed to have come from outside Iapetus, but now it consists principally of lag from the sublimation of ice from the warmer areas of Iapetus’s surface.

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