Can you drive a Piaggio MP3 on the motorway?

Can you drive a Piaggio MP3 on the motorway?

Unlike most bikes, this 278cc machine can be ridden on a standard car licence due to its three-wheeled design – which also makes it legal on dual-carriageways and motorways. With a CVT gearbox taking care of the gears, you simply twist and go on the Piaggio, while it can easily keep up with motorway traffic.

Is a Piaggio MP3 classed as a trike?

Three-wheel scooters, though sharing most characteristics with maxi-scooters, are actually classed as a trike and therefore allowed to be ridden on a car licence. While legally MP3s can be ridden on a car licence, very few brokers offer this.

Do you need a helmet on a Piaggio MP3?

This 100mph scooter can be ridden by car drivers without a motorcycle licence or helmet. The 400cc Piaggio MP3 LT is Piaggio’s latest scooter with two leaning front wheels, after the smaller 125 and 250cc versions.

How much does a Piaggio MP3 500 weigh?

540.1 pounds

Piaggio MP3 500 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Front Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 240 mm (9.4 inches)
Rear Brakes Dimensions – Disc Dimensions 260 mm (10.2 inches)
Curb Weight (including fluids) 245.0 kg (540.1 pounds)
Dry Weight

Is Piaggio MP3 exempt from congestion charge?

The Piaggio MP3 can be ridden on a car licence and the new MP3 300 hpe Sport is exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

What kind of bike is a Piaggio MP3 250?

2010 Piaggio MP3 – 250, revolutionary 2010 Piaggio MP3 three-wheel scooters, providing safety, road grip and stability levels that no two-wheeler can match. It’s power, performance and ease of use make for a very entertaining ride.

When did the Piaggio three wheel scooter come out?

Piaggio, the company that revolutionized personal transport with the launch of the first Vespa model in 1946, continues its streak of innovation with the introduction of the three-wheel scooter, the PIAGGIO MP3. The PIAGGIO MP3 provides safety, road grip and stability levels that no two-wheeler can match.

What kind of motor does paggio MP3 have?

The Paggio MP3’s 250cc four-stroke motor is typical of scooters – the power is flat and unexciting due to the auto transmission, and the extra weight compared with a conventional scooter takes a toll on acceleration and top speed.

What kind of engine does a Piaggio Sport 500 have?

2019 PIAGGIO MP3 SPORT 500 – TRIKE, 2019 PIAGGIO MP3 SPORT 500 – TRIKE 1,339 Matte Carbon Black 493cc, Single Cylinder, Fuel Injected Engine Fuel Syst… 2019 Piaggio MP3 Sport 500, Great Condition and well taken care of.

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