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What did the French capetian Kings do?

What did the French capetian Kings do?

Capetian dynasty, ruling house of France from 987 to 1328, during the feudal period of the Middle Ages. By extending and consolidating their power, the Capetian kings laid the foundation of the French nation-state.

Who was the first Capetian King of France?

Hugh Capet
Hugh Capet, French Hugues Capet, (born 938—died October 14, 996, Paris, France), king of France from 987 to 996, and the first of a direct line of 14 Capetian kings of that country. The Capetian dynasty derived its name from his nickname (Latin capa, “cape”).

Who was king of France in 997?

Richard III (997/1001 – 6 August 1027) was the duke of Normandy who reigned from August 1026 to his death. His brief reign opened with a revolt by his brother.

What is the oldest dynasty in Europe?

It is among the largest and oldest royal houses in Europe and the world, and consists of Hugh Capet, the founder of the dynasty, and his male-line descendants, who ruled in France without interruption from 987 to 1792, and again from 1814 to 1848….

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Who is the first Duke of Normandy?

Rollo Rognvaldsson Duke of Normandy
Rollo Rognvaldsson Duke of Normandy. Rollo was first Duke of Normandy about 911, and abdicated in 927. He was baptised in 912 in the Cathedral of Rouen. A correspondent on Prodigy states he was born about 870 in Maer, Norway, died 927-32.

Who was the first king of the Capetian Empire?

The first Capetian monarch was Hugh Capet (c.939–996), a Frankish nobleman from the Île-de-France, who, following the death of Louis V of France (c.967–987) – the last Carolingian King – secured the throne of France by election.

When did Hugues Capet become king of France?

About Hugues Capet, roi des Francs. Reign: 3 July 987 – 24 October 996. Coronation: 3 July 987, Noyons. Titles: Duke of the Franks, Count of Paris (956 – 987) Hugh Capet (c 940 – 24 October 996) was the first King of France of the eponymous Capetian dynasty from his election to succeed the Carolingian Louis V in 987 until his death.

Who was the king of the House of Capet?

The House of Capet was, however, fortunate enough to have the support of the Church, and – with the exception of Philip I, Louis IX and the short-lived John I – were able to avoid the problems of underaged kingship. Briefly, under Louis VII (1120–1180), the House of Capet rose in their power in France.

Who was the last king of the Capetian dynasty?

The Capetian kings first ruled France from 888 to 898 and from 922 to 923. The dynasty established itself more permanently in 987, when Hugues “Capet” was elected king in succession to Louis V, the last king of the Carolingian dynasty.

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