Who wrote Ceora?

Who wrote Ceora?

Lee Morgan

Where is Lee Morgan from?

Philadelphia, PA
Lee Morgan/Place of birth

Where did Lee Morgan live in Philadelphia?

Edward Lee Morgan was born in 1938 and raised at 2035 W. Madison Streets in the Tioga neighborhood of North Philly, where his parents Otto and Nettie had settled after moving up from South Carolina and Georgia, respectively.

Who was Lee Morgan’s parents?

Nettie Beatrice Morgan
Otto Ricardo Morgan
Lee Morgan/Parents

Who killed Lee Morgan?

Lee Morgan, the fiery-hot, extremely talented jazz trumpet player, died much too soon. His skyrocketing career was cut short, at age 33, one cold February night in 1972 at a Manhattan, N.Y. club called Slug’s. He was shot to death by his 46-year-old common-law wife Helen.

Is Helen Morgan alive?

Deceased (1900–1941)
Helen Morgan/Living or Deceased

Did Lee Morgan have a nickname?

Then, in 1967, after hardly playing anymore and having pawned his trumpet, Lee Morgan met Helen Moore. Moore was popular in jazz circles and was given the nickname “the little hip square.” Known as “Helen’s Place,” her apartment served as a refuge for all the musicians after the clubs closed down.

Was Lee Morgan an addict?

Blakey introduced Morgan to heroin in the early 1960s and he soon became addicted. The habit had a noticeable effect on his playing as not only did he not sound as good, but he became flakey. Morgan’s heroin addiction lasted for years and reached the point where he’d say he’d rather do drugs than play music.

What happened to Helen Morgan?

Helen Morgan died of cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 41. She was portrayed by Polly Bergen in the Playhouse 90 drama The Helen Morgan Story and by Ann Blyth in the 1957 biopic based on the television drama.

How much jail time did Helen Morgan get?

She would spend a total of three months in jail before making bail and never returning. Helen pled not guilty to second-degree manslaughter, but the loss of her court transcripts means the sentence was unknown.

Where is Lee Morgan buried?

Edward Lee Morgan

Birth 10 Jul 1938 Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 19 Feb 1972 (aged 33) Manhattan, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA
Burial White Chapel Memorial Park Feasterville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA Show Map
Memorial ID 73720671 · View Source

What happened to trumpeter Lee Morgan?

When did Lee Morgan start his music career?

Morgan began recording for Blue Note in 1956, eventually recording 25 albums as a leader for the label. He also recorded on the Vee-Jay label and one album for Riverside Records on its short-lived Jazzland subsidiary. He was a featured sideman on several early Hank Mobley records, and intermittently thereafter.

Where was Edward Lee Morgan born and raised?

Edward Lee Morgan was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 10, 1938, the youngest of Otto Ricardo and Nettie Beatrice Morgan’s four children.

When did Lee Morgan Live at the lighthouse?

Maupin, Mabern, Merritt, and Roker are featured on the well-regarded three-disc, Live at the Lighthouse, recorded during a two-week engagement at the Hermosa Beach club, California, in July 1970. Morgan was killed in the early hours of February 19, 1972, at Slugs’ Saloon, a jazz club in New York City ‘s East Village where his band was performing.

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