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What is spinner in slang?

What is spinner in slang?

(slang, film) Used primarily in the adult film industry, an actress or prostitute with a tiny frame, usually very thin and small-breasted. noun.

What does SK8 friendly mean?

On the dating section of Craigslist (American classified advertising website), SK8 is used to describe someone as “drug and disease free” and carries a connotation of generosity and kindness. …

Are the spinners still alive?

Lead singer Bobby Smith died on March 16, 2013. The group, which still tours actively, consists of Henry Fambrough (the only surviving original member), C. J. Jefferson, Jessie Peck, Marvin Taylor and Ronnie Moss. In 2017, the Spinners were inducted into the Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame.

What does SUP stand for in dating?

SUP means “What’s Up?,” “

What does U Sk8 mean?

Where does the word caca come from in English?

It is first recorded in English in the late 1800s, but its specific language of origin is uncertain. Caca and very similar words mean poop in several languages, and there is speculation that the term originates from a Spanish-speaking country, but this has not been confirmed.

What does Caca stand for in baby talk?

What does caca mean? Caca is a baby talk or slang way of saying poop. Since talking about feces (poop) is often seen as taboo (prohibited as improper), there are a lot of euphemisms (mild substitutes) for it.

What does the term spinner mean in Urban Dictionary?

Get a Sapphic mug for your papa Manafort. Small, petite women may be referred to as ‘spinners’. The term likely arises from the possibility that they can be spun around on top of a guy while having sex. I want to get a lap dance from that little stripper, I definitely love the spinners. Get a spinners mug for your barber Zora.

What does the CaCA neck gaiter and mug mean?

Get the caca neck gaiter and mug. The phenomenon of having to come out as bisexual to the same person/people repeatedly because they assumed or hoped that your sexuality was a “phase.” Refers less to the holiday and more to the 1993 Bill Murray comedy film in which the main character experiences the same day over and over.

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