What is Max companion level Swtor?

What is Max companion level Swtor?

There is one primary way to go about leveling and unfortunately it doesn’t merit the phrase “fast” without some credits. Giving gifts, or gifting, your companion is the main way to max them out as you complete the main story arcs or even after level 50.

Can you be a light side Sith Swtor?

It is possible for a player Sith Warrior or Sith Inquisitor to be a Light Sith. Originally, in Star Wars: The Old Republic all light side Sith the player encounters throughout the game wielded purple-bladed lightsabers.

Can you remove Light Side points Swtor?

You can’t get rid of points once yopu get them. If you accidently get lightsides points in a conversion just hit the ESC key and exit the conversion and start over. But once yo uget light/darkside points, you’re stuck with them.

Can a Sith become a force ghost?

Although some say Sith cannot come back as Force Ghosts in the Star Wars universe, they totally can. Legends Lore was littered with Sith and Dark Jedi who had learned the technique, and even Anakin returned as a Force Ghost at the end of Return of the Jedi.

How does the light side work in SWTOR?

In true BioWare fashion, the conversational trees present a duality of good and evil choices. The game bestows Light Side (good) or Dark Side Points (bad) depending on how a player based on specific social interactions during quests, missions and Flashpoints.

What happens when the dark side wins in SWTOR?

If the lightside wins, the darkside will then get an alignment point boost to help them win next time. The Dark vs Light slider usually swings back and forth between Dark 5 and Light 5. When the Dark or the Light side wins, the galaxy is also affected.

What does Dark vs light mean in SWTOR?

SWTOR Dark vs Light Guide Dark vs Light is a way of competing with your server in Star Wars the Old Republic to push your side to victory and gain some unique rewards on a level 70 character. This Dark vs Light system is loosely based off of the Dark vs Light limited-time event, but is not directly related.

Where is the Paragon on SWTOR dark side?

In most cases, the paragon option is located on the top of the conversation wheel, whereas the evil option is located below it. This is not true in all cases. Make sure by mousing over the dialogue choices; the emblem for Light Side or Dark Side usually comes up.

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