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What kind of hat did Gus wear in Lonesome Dove?

What kind of hat did Gus wear in Lonesome Dove?

Tom Mix hat
The Tom Mix hat, with its center crease and side pinches, is easy to spot today because so many cowboys and Westerners wear it. In some circles, it’s known as the Gus, in honor of Robert Duvall’s character in the TV miniseries Lonesome Dove.

What do the X’s mean on a straw hat?

Well, you’re about to! The X’s stand for the amount of beaver that is in a hat. The more beaver fur that’s in the hat, the better a hat it is, and the more X’s it is labeled with.

What are those big straw hats called?

A boater (also straw boater, basher, skimmer, The English Panama, cady, katie, canotier, somer, sennit hat, or in Japan, can-can hat, suruken) is a semi-formal summer hat for men, which was popularised in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

What is a Gus crown?

Down River Shantung Straw Gus Western Hat Stetson. … Straw Gus Western Hat from Stetson showcases one of the best known western silhouettes, the gus crown. The sloped creased crown yearns for the prarie, or music festival grounds, with sarsaparilla in hand to quench your thirst.

What is a Gus McCrae crease?

Gus (FUR FELT) This style of crease was named after Robert Duvall’s character “Agustus McCrae” in the movie Lonesome Dove. Crown 5 1/2″ at the back and slopes to 3 1/2″ in the front. Standard 4″ brim.

What kind of hat did Hoss wear?

Based off the giant hat style that the lovable character Eric “Hoss” Cartwright immortalized on the long running series, the Bonanza is a premium wool cowboy hat that stylishly boasts matching bright blue grosgrain band and brim edging, a towering 6″ open crown that should put you right out there on the Ponderosa.

What does 20X hat mean?

So basically, the finer fur a cowboy hat is made with, the more X’s a hat will be. FUN FACT. In straw, the X’s are determined by how tight the weave and how narrow the straw reed used to make the hat. So, the tighter the weave and the narrower the straw reed used to make the hat, the more X’s a hat will be.

Is a 5X hat good?

One company’s 5X beaver might actually be better than another’s 10X – it’s a tricky system. Prospective hat buyers are advised to discuss the material’s X-factor with the hat maker or dealer in detail to ascertain the true X-rating. The real test, ultimately, is the look and feel: a good hat is soft and silky.

How long do straw hats last?

How long will my hat last? Straw hats, cloth hats, leather & wool hats are meant to be replaced annually or every few years if worn on a daily basis. High quality felt hats properly cared for can last for many many years. 10.

What is a pinch front Hat?

The Pinch Front Cowboy hat differs from the typical Fedora in that the brim is typically larger and sports the traditional Cowboy Style. It features the Pinch Front crown, the upturned brim and is made of a lightweight straw making it a comfortable wear.

Who made Robert Duvall’s hat in Lonesome Dove?

Manny Gammage
Contrary to the claims of many other hat makers, the first and “original” Gus hat was designed by Manny Gammage for Robert Duvall, thanks to Manny’s long friendship with director/producer Bill Whittliff. Mr. Duvall wore this hat for the TV mini-series, “Lonesome Dove”.

This is the same style hat Gus wore in “Lonesome Dove”. Made in the U.S.A. Special order–2-4 weeks. 10X Shantung. 4 1/2″ crown height. 3 3/4″ brim. Brown twisted leather band. Old West custom hat made popular by Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. 7X quality fur felt with a horsehair hat band. Shown in Bone color with contrasting chocolate binding.

What to wear with a straw cowboy hat?

Filter by straw content by clicking on our 50x, 20x, 10x, and 8x filters or search by color and find a straw hat that fits your style. Go classic tan/white or stand out with a brown, grey or black straw hat. Put on a pair of square toe cowboy boots and a new pair of men’s jeans to complete the western look.

What are the best straw hats to buy?

When choosing a straw hat you will find there is a great range in size, shape and style, but at you can be certain you are getting a straw hat of the finest quality designed by the brands you trust like Twister, Justin, Bullhide, Stetson, Larry Mahan and more.

Where can I buy an Old West hat?

Old West custom hat made popular by Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. 7X quality fur felt with a horsehair hat band. Shown in Bone color with contrasting chocolate binding. Made in the USA in our Arizona shops. This is a custom made hat and may be purchased in other qualities – 10X, 15X, or 20X qualities available. Custom Order – 3-6 weeks.

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