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Is CVA Wolf a Magnum?

Is CVA Wolf a Magnum?

The redesigned CVA Wolf™ 209 Magnum has many new features including all the features that made the original Wolf the number one selling muzzleloader in the world….WARNING:

Bullet Guiding Muzzle YES
100% Ambidextrous Stock YES
QRBP – Quick Release Breech Plug YES
Reversible Hammer Spur YES

What caliber is CVA Wolf?

CVA® Wolf™ Muzzleloader Rifles | . 50 Cal |

Can a CVA Wolf shoot loose powder?

You can shoot black powder or black powder substitutes either pellets or loose from the wolf.

What is the best load for a CVA Accura Mr?

The best combo I’ve found in my CVA Accura V2 is 250 grain Hornady SSTs (45 cal bullet, 50 cal sabot) with 2 triple 7 magnum pellets (60 grains each). It’s very accurate and effective so far.

How long is the barrel on a CVA Wolf?

Barrel Length: 24” Overall Length: 39” Weight: 6.3 lbs. Model: PR6110SD.

What kind of gun is cVA Wolf muzzleloader?

Was just out in the cave looking at some things. This is a 295 gr .50 cal. The green gas check base. Still have a few. I am wondering what all I need to buy a CVA Wolf muzzleloader, and shoot it. I am very new to muzzleloading, and I am up for suggestions for ammo, primers, powders, and possibly even other guns/brands.

What kind of Ramrod does a CVA Wolf use?

CVA’s solid aluminum PalmSaver™ ramrod is also standard equipment on all WOLF models. Our recently redesigned WOLF™ has all the features that made the original WOLF the number one selling muzzleloader in the world – plus many new features.

Can you use 209 primers on a CVA Wolf?

If you plan on hunting with it make sure you can use it in the state that you want to hunt. Idaho does not let you use 209 primers along with a few other limitations I have owned a CVA Wolf for several years and like it very much. It is very handy and very easy to clean.

Which is the best muzzleloader for blackpowder hunting?

Barnes T-EZ are a great way to go, and reasonably cheap. Pair these with two 50 grain 777 pellets and you’ll be good to go to 100 yards at least. Your Wolf is a perfect rifle to start blackpowder hunting with. They are accurate, dependable and intuitive.

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