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What is a 4 bar suspension?

What is a 4 bar suspension?

The triangulated 4 bar is a suspension system for a solid rear axle, more commonly seen on older cars. The upper links are angled to hold the axle in place laterally, and because of this, they don’t require a panhard rod or watts link, as shown in the images below.

How does a 4 bar suspension work?

A four-link suspension uses links to locate the axle from moving side to side and front to back, while allowing it to travel up and down and articulate.

What does a 4 link suspension do?

With 4-link suspension, the two functions of locating the rear axle and supporting the vehicle, are isolated. Springs take care of supporting the vehicle — which leaves the links free to deal with locating and articulation.

Does a 4 link suspension need a sway bar?

A Panhard bar, or some other location device, is necessary when a parallel rear 4-link is used because the bars themselves don’t offer much resistance to left-right chassis movement. The triangulation of the bars resists the left-right movement when a triangulated rear 4-link is used so a Panhard bar is not required.

What size rod ends for 4 link?

Most common rod ends are the 3/4″ shank necked down to 1/2″ thru bolts, this is what most of your 4 link brakets are using….

What does a 4 bar rear suspension kit do?

Our 4-Bar Rear Suspension Kits are truly Equal-Length Parallel 4-Bars that use a Panhard Bar to control lateral movement. Using a very long Panhard Bar perpendicular maximizes efficiency and reduces lateral movement throughout the travel. Our kits come complete with a shock Crossmember allowing you to determine final ride height when installing.

How does Art Morrison’s rear suspension system work?

Operating on the principle of a “constant motion parallelogram,” the design of the 4-bar is such that the rear end housing is always perpendicular to the ground—pinion angle never changes. This, combined with the lateral stability of the Panhard Bar, does an excellent job of locating the rear end and keeping it in proper alignment.

What kind of rear suspension do I Need?

They include the 4-link with frame and housing brackets, coil-over rear shocks with springs rate-matched to your application and a choice of a Panhard Bar (for street use) or diagonal link (race). Call for specific pricing and design assistance. For many applications, the 4-bar suspension is preferred.

What do you need to know about Scott’s rear suspension?

Scott’s Rear Suspension is quite simply….simple. The 4-Bar Rear Suspension Kit is designed to be both user-friendly and fully adjustable at the same time. We use our CNC Machined & Tapped Stainless Steel Rod Ends with right-hand or left-hand thread. This allows the user to adjust the pinion angle and set up without unbolting the link bars.

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