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What does Concrete City mean?

What does Concrete City mean?

: a modern city or urban area filled with large buildings and regarded especially as a harshly competitive, unwelcoming, or dangerous place.

Is Concrete City abandoned?

In 1924, just 13 years after the homes were built, Concrete City was abandoned. Today, Concrete City sits on the edge of Nanticoke a short drive from Wilkes-Barre and is an incredibly interesting place to explore. While no signs point the way, the land where Concrete City sits is owned by the City of Nanticoke.

When did Concrete City close?

At first the concrete seemed like an engineering marvel, helping the buildings take shape quickly and inexpensively. But that same concrete would ultimately be the project’s demise. In 1924, after just 13 years of use, concrete city was abandoned.

Why was Concrete City abandoned?

An even bigger issue was the lack of a septic system – the homes had no indoor toilets and instead had a concrete outhouse behind each building. When the local township demanded in 1924 that a septic system be installed, the $200,000 price tag was deemed cost prohibitive and Concrete City was abandoned.

What city is called the concrete city?

Buildings that dynamite couldn’t bring down were abandoned because of bathroom issues. Thought by many to be the first example of tract housing, the so-called Concrete City in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania was an exercise in institutional architecture which has deteriorated into indestructible modern ruins.

What are the causes of concrete jungle?

Living in cities is correlated with an urban psychological penalty, manifest in higher rates of stress, psychosis, and depression. While there are a number of causes of this association, which we review in our article, one of the causes seems to be the increased interaction and stimulation that occurs in cities.

Is Nanticoke Pa safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Nanticoke is 1 in 65. Based on FBI crime data, Nanticoke is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Pennsylvania, Nanticoke has a crime rate that is higher than 75% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What was concrete city used for?

Also known as the “Garden City of the Anthracite Region,” the spartan community was poured into existence in 1911 to serve as ultra-modern housing for employees of a local coal mining company. Each of the 22 buildings was divided into a duplex meant to house two families within the spare concrete spaces.

What city is the concrete jungle?

New York
It makes sense that a city as diverse as New York should be known by several different monikers. The home and muse of countless creatives, the Big Apple (or Gotham, the Concrete Jungle, or the City That Never Sleeps, if you prefer) is constantly reinventing itself.

Is concrete jungle a metaphor?

“Concrete Jungle” is both a metaphor and a very real place. As a metaphor, “Concrete Jungle” evokes the worst aspects of modern urban life. Cold structures of concrete and steel, with manmade towers casting the earth into shadow by blocking out the sun.

Is Nanticoke Pa a good place to live?

Nanticoke, and NEPA in general, are pretty great places to live. Nanticoke is a relatively small town outside of Wilkes Barre, yet it has five star restaurants, both chain and local businesses, all within seconds from each other. Nanticoke is a peaceful little town south of Wilkes Barre.

What township is Nanticoke PA in?

Luzerne County

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