Why is my iPhone status bar not working?

Why is my iPhone status bar not working?

How To Fix A Missing iPhone Status Bar. 99% of the time, restarting your iPhone will fix this problem. On an iPhone 8 or earlier, press and hold the power button until the words “slide to power off” appear on the display. Wait about 15 seconds, then press and hold the side button to turn your iPhone X back on.

Why are my Cydia tweaks not working?

If the tweaks are not showing up in settings or some tweaks are not working in some apps, that’s most likely because you lack the updated versions of RocketBootstrap and PreferenceLoader–Add rpetri.ch/repo/ to Cydia and update your packages.

Does Cydia substrate work on iOS 13?

It seems to work, though? Cydia Substrate 0.9. 7100 (currently only available via sbingner’s repositories while I get my life and servers and everything, really, re-organized) is designed to support iOS 13, with the final version fixing a serious resource leak that would eventually cause Substrate to lock up and break.

Why has my status bar disappeared?

The status bar being hidden may be in Settings>Display, or in the launcher settings. Settings>Launcher. You can try downloading a launcher, like Nova. That may force the status bar back.

What is preference loader?

PreferenceLoader is a MobileSubstrate based utility that allows developers to add entries to the Settings app, similar to the SettingsBundles that app store apps use.

What is Cydia substrate?

Cydia, a platform commonly thought of as the alternative app store for jailbroken iPhones and iPads, has just today arrived on Android of all places, in the form of Cydia Substrate*, a tool for developers to build code modifications to other applications.

What is substrate safe mode?

Safe mode is a feature of Cydia Substrate that prevents your device from entering a permanent crash cycle by giving you a chance to uninstall malfunctioning extensions without a complete device restore.

Where do I put the status bar on my iPhone?

StatusSwitcher The App Switcher is one of the places in iOS that normally lacks a Status Bar, but with a tweak called StatusSwitcher, you can add the Status Bar there yourself.

Is there an icon in the status bar?

This tweak puts an icon in your Status Bar that keeps track of the phase of the moon throughout the month. The icon is reminiscent of the standard Apple Watch feature, but for whatever reason, it’s lacking from the iPhone out of the box.

Is there a jailbreak for the status bar?

On the other hand, jailbreakers can take control of their devices and have their Status Bar do so much more. In this roundup, we’ll discuss the best jailbreak tweaks for modifying the Status Bar since the the Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak was released to the general public.

Is there a way to hide the status bar?

If you ever wish you could hide and show the Status Bar on demand, then TapTap Statusbar will be your best friend. By double-tapping on the Status Bar from any interface in iOS, the Status Bar either becomes hidden or re-appears.

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