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Who introduced Sankirtana in Manipur?

Who introduced Sankirtana in Manipur?

It was introduced by Rajarshi Bhagyachandra during the reign of King Chandrakirti (1850-1886). In this style, the 64 rasas were presented over a span of 32 days. The musician who sings the Kirtana is called the nata.

Where is Sankirtana?

Sankirtana encompasses an array of arts performed to mark religious occasions and various stages in the life of the Vaishnava people of the Manipur plains.

Is the ritual singing drumming and dancing of Manipur?

Manipuri Sankirtana (মণিপুরগী সংকীর্তন) is a form of performing art involving ritual singing, drumming and dancing performed in the temples and domestic spaces in Manipur State in India.

What is depicted in Manipuri dance?

In Manipuri Ras, the main characters are Radha, Krishna and the gopis. The themes often depict the pangs of separation of the gopis and Radha from Krishna. The parengs or pure dance sequences performed in the Rasleela dances follow the specific rhythmic patterns and body movements, which are traditionally handed down.

What is the meaning of Sankirtan?

Sankirtan is a form of song or chanting that praises God and is performed in a public setting. The term comes from the Sanskrit root, kirtan, which means “praising,” “celebrating” or “glorifying.” San comes from the word, samyak, which means “complete.”

What is Khubak Eshei?

Khubak Eshei is celebrated within the temple during the rains, marking the chariot festival of the Lord.

Which is a part of the sankirtana tradition?

The male dancers play the Pung and Kartal while dancing. The masculine aspect of dance – the Choloms are a part of the Sankirtana tradition. The Pung and Kartal choloms are performed at all social and religious festivals.

Where does the Sankirtana practice take place in Manipur?

Sankirtana practices centre on the temple, where performers narrate the lives and deeds of Krishna through song and dance. In a typical performance, two drummers and about ten singer-dancers perform in a hall or domestic courtyard encircled by seated devotees.

Which is the sankirtana of the Ariba Pala?

The Ariba Pala and Manohar Sai Pala, less often in evidence today, are also temple-centred. Outside the temple, Sankirtana assumes forms such as the Holi Pala celebrating the festival of colours in springtime or Shayan performed in the winter months.

What kind of dances are performed in Manipur?

The Pung and Kartal choloms are performed at all social and religious festivals. The martial dancers of Manipur – the Thang-ta – have their origins in the days when man’s survival depended on his ability to defend himself from wild animals.

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