What can I use instead of a guest book?

What can I use instead of a guest book?

20 Must-See Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

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  • Jenga Wedding Guest Book.
  • Polaroid Guest Book.
  • Signature Tree Wedding Guest Book.
  • Thumb Print Wedding Guest Book.
  • Wedding Guest Book Puzzle.
  • Wedding Guest Book Wood Sign Board.
  • Message in a Container Wedding Guest Book.

What size should a wedding guest book be?

A size of 11″ x 8.5″ (roughly A4) is a popular choice, as it allows ample space for guests to write their messages without being too big for the bookshelf. However, some people will prefer a more compact one, or a larger one might be appropriate if you want to include photographs or other content.

Where do you put the guest book at a wedding?

Put the book at the entrance. If they see it, they will sign it. Put the guest book on a table in a very obvious place by the entrance to the reception to increase the chances of folks stopping by to sign before heading to their seats. It’ll help to station someone there, too.

What should a wedding guest book say?

Wedding guest book ideas – keep it casual

  1. So happy for the both of you, congratulations newlyweds!
  2. Best wishes on all of your future adventures.
  3. Sending you so many hugs and kisses.
  4. Congratulations on your special day!
  5. I’m so glad I got the chance to celebrate this wonderful day with you both!

What do you write in a vacation guest book?


  1. Guest Name – Names of your visitors.
  2. Date Arrived – Dates of their arrival.
  3. Traveling From – Where did they travel from.
  4. Contact – Write their address, email, phone number.
  5. Date Departed – Dates of their departure.
  6. Favorite Things About The Cabin – Space for them to write what they liked best about the cabin.

Do people still do guest books at weddings?

To begin: are guest books still used at weddings? The short answer: YES! More couples are using guest books than ever before, most likely because of how many fun and alternative ideas for guest books. And everyone loves a keepsake that includes the signatures and well-wishes of your loved ones.

Is the guest book at the ceremony or reception?

It’s hard to get wedding experts to agree on anything, but this is one area where there’s a consensus: your wedding guest book should be placed on a table at or near the entrance to your reception.

What do you write in a wedding guest book?

Classic congratulations messages for a wedding guest book

  1. Congratulations on your special day.
  2. Today is the beginning of a magical journey.
  3. Thank you for letting me enjoy this wonderful day.
  4. Really happy to be celebrating this day with you both.
  5. Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow.

What to put in a guest book for a wedding?

Wedding Wishes in a Bottle is great for the creative bride and groom. Acting as a guest book, the gallon growler can be left out for guests to sign an original note of congratulations and best wishes. This alternative guest book can be filled with wine corks, mini scrolls, themed cardstock, ribbon, or any other sentiment of the couple’s choosing.

What kind of guest books are on Etsy?

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How big is a wedding guest book sign?

This classic Wedding Guest Book Sign with Easel features ticket style edges and the message “Please Sign Our Guest Book” in black with elegant swirl design. Overall Product Weight: 0.45lb. Black and white motif. Valerie.

How many wedding guest books are left in stock?

Only 9 left in stock – order soon. In our experience, wedding days often end up being just as chaotic as the months of planning prior. Even if there are no last-minute surprises, the sheer energy of finally standing at the altar with the love of your life is enough to make one’s head spin.

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