Who was the first NFL pick in 2007?

Who was the first NFL pick in 2007?

Jamarcus Russell

2007 NFL Draft
League NFL
First selection Jamarcus Russell, QB Oakland Raiders
Mr. Irrelevant Ramzee Robinson, CB Detroit Lions
Most selections (11) Atlanta Falcons Green Bay Packers Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders

Who was in the 2007 NFL draft class?

2007 NFL Draft History – Round 1

  • Draft#:1. JaMarcus Russell. Drafted From: LSU.
  • Calvin Johnson. Position:WR. Drafted From: Georgia Tech.
  • Joe Thomas. Position:OT. Drafted From: Wisconsin.
  • Gaines Adams. Drafted From: Clemson.
  • Levi Brown. Position:OT.
  • LaRon Landry. Position:S.
  • Adrian Peterson. Drafted From: Oklahoma.
  • Ted Ginn. Position:WR.

Who was the best player in the 2007 NFL draft?

Calvin Johnson
The best overall player in this draft was Calvin Johnson, although Adrian Peterson is a very close second. Had the Raiders already had a quarterback in place, the addition of Johnson could have completely changed the direction of the franchise.

Who was the first pick of the 2008 NFL draft?

Jake Long
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Pick Team Player
1 Miami Dolphins Jake Long
2 St. Louis Rams Chris Long
3 Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan

Is Jake Long and Chris Long brother?

Bears’ Kyle Long says Bengals kept calling him ‘Jake Long’ during pre-draft visit. Like Jake Long, Kyle Long plays football. Just to be clear, Kyle, the son of Howie Long and the brother of Chris Long, isn’t related to Jake — the No. 1 overall pick in 2008.

What draft pick was Calvin Johnson?

2007, Detroit Lions
Calvin Johnson/Drafted
Then he went to the NFL combine and ran a 4.35 40-yard dash at 6-5, 239 pounds. Gosselin ranked him No. 1 on his Top 100 board for the 2007 NFL Draft and considered him one of the few “perfect prospects” in the 20 years he spent working drafts. Johnson was drafted by the Detroit Lions second overall.

Who was drafted by the 49ers in 2007?

In the 2007 NFL draft, they addressed their need for an inside linebacker by picking Patrick Willis in the first round and also gave up their 2008 first round pick to the New England Patriots and selected 28 overall Offensive Tackle Joe Staley. In the 2nd round the 49ers traded their pick for the Colts’ number one pick in the 2008 NFL Draft.

Where did the Raiders pick in the 2007 NFL Draft?

Apr 28, 2007: Raiders traded 2007 2nd round pick (33rd overall, Alan Branch) to Cardinals for 2007 2nd round pick (38th overall, Zach Miller) and 2007 4th round pick (105th overall subsequently traded, A.J. Davis)

Who was the Green Bay Packers draft pick in 2007?

Apr 28, 2007: Packers traded 2007 2nd round pick (47th overall, David Harris) and 2007 7th round pick (235th overall, Chansi Stuckey) to Jets for 2007 2nd round pick (63rd overall, Brandon Jackson ), 2007 3rd round pick (89th overall, Aaron Rouse) and 2007 6th round pick (192nd overall, Desmond Bishop)

Who was second in the NFL Draft in 2007?

Ohio State was second with eight players selected. However, only one of the 17 players drafted from the two universities has made it to a Pro Bowl, Reggie Nelson. Of the 40 underclassmen who entered the draft, 29 were selected. Louisiana State University set a school record with four players drafted in the first round.

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