Is Sentry Safe fire resistant?

Is Sentry Safe fire resistant?

Fire resistance Our Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Classified safes can withstand peak temperatures ranging from 1150° F – 1850° F, keeping your valuables safe and undamaged for up to two hours of fire exposure.

How long is a Sentry Safe fireproof?

1 Hour
Fireproof for 1 Hour SentrySafe fire protection is UL classified to protect your most important documents and valuables for up to one hour at 1700˚F (927˚C).

What does 30 minute UL Class 350 fire rating mean?

Fire Ratings: Protects valuables for up to 30 minutes with outside temperature of 1550 degrees. 1 hr — UL class 350. Protects valuables for up to 1 hour with outside temperature of 1700 degrees. Protects valuables for up to 1 hour with an outside temperature of 1700 degrees, plus survived drop test from 30 feet.

What do I do if I lost the key to my sentry safe?

To order a replacement key, you first need to know your safe’s model and serial number. You can do this by consulting your owner’s manual or simply locating the two numbers on the safe itself. SentrySafe provides a very useful guide on their website about how to locate and read both your model and serial number.

Can I open my SentrySafe with just a key?

Method 1 of 3: If your safe has a keyhole, insert the key completely and rotate it clockwise to the “Unlock” position. Once you turn the key, pull it out of your safe.

How do I get into my SentrySafe if I forgot the code?

How to Recover the Code to a Sentry Safe

  1. Go to the “Sentry Recover Your Combination” website (
  2. Enter your username and password in the “Find a Registered Combination Online” section fields.
  3. Click the “Recover Combination” button to retrieve your combination.

What do I do if I lost the key to my SentrySafe?

How much fire rating Do I need in a safe?

We recommend that you purchase a minimum 1 hour fire rated safe. Safes with less than a 1 hour fire rating will not provide adequate protection to survive a typical home or business fire.

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