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What activities can I put my 2 year old in?

What activities can I put my 2 year old in?

Here are 22 easy (and cheap!) activities to entertain your toddler—bookmark this list for your next long day at home!

  • Play with toys. Break out the cars.
  • Feed them snacks.
  • Take them on a walk in the stroller.
  • Take them on a walk to the mailbox.
  • Take them to the park.
  • Play in the backyard.
  • Give them a bath.
  • Play-Doh.

What activities can I do at home with my 2 year old?

Play Dress Up. Haul out a pile of old clothes and let your child play dress-up.

  • Decorate a Crayon Carrier. Cover a table with newspaper, then gather a resealable Ziploc bag, glue stick, pompoms, and crayons.
  • Hide Toys.
  • Make a Mailbox.
  • Imagine a Boat.
  • Trace His Body.
  • Play Simon Says.
  • Try a “Stop and Go” Game.
  • How do you teach preschoolers in the summer?

    Preschoolers love completing art projects, blowing bubbles, playing in water (or ice), exploring nature, playing outside games, drawing with sidewalk chalk, experimenting in the kitchen, and performing science experiments! No matter the activity, soak up the summer sun or even the rain with loads of our fun ideas!

    What are some fun adventures for toddlers?

    Ages 0-3

  • Ages 4-8
  • Ages 9-13
  • Ages 14 Plus
  • Theme Parks
  • Attractions
  • Animals
  • Jet Boats
  • Tree Adventures
  • Whale Watching
  • What to do in summer with toddlers?

    List of fun things for kids to do in the Summer. Visit a local park. Visit a local farmer and get a tour or volunteer for the day. Go to the movies (matinee shows & discount theaters offer lower rates) $1 Summer Movie schedule. Regal / Edwards Summer Movie Series. Have a picnic (at the park, beach or in your backyard)

    What to do with toddlers at home?

    If your toddler isn’t interested, no worries! Save it until he or she is a little older. Grab your cookie cutters, add a small tray of paint, and invite your toddler to stamp onto paper. Introduce your toddler’s name with an easy tape-resist name art activity. (Learn with Play at Home) Toddlers love to pour!

    What are some winter activities for kids?

    Here are some creative winter activities for young children in the snow: Shapes. Counting snowballs. Creative design. Big and little. Snowman. Cold.

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