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Where do you get mega snacks in wizard101?

Where do you get mega snacks in wizard101?

One of the best places to farm is Aggrobah in Mirage. I farm the feral felons because they drop couch potatoes and evil mafma peas which are the two best seeds for getting mega snacks….Re: Best bosses/plants to farm for mega snacks?

  1. Deadly Helephant Ears.
  2. Couch Potatoes.
  3. Sword Ferns.
  4. Evil Magma Peas.

Which plants give Mega snacks wizard101?

ALL of the ultra plants give mega snacks, not just on elder harvest but on normal harvest too! Most notable ones are ultra alligator pears and ultra trumpet vine (those give fish on vines, which are another plant giving megas). Apart from snacks ultra plants give amber and useful treasure cards.

Can you craft Mega snacks in wizard101?

Crafting is by far one of the less known ways of obtaining mega snacks. There are 9 vendors across the spiral that sell mega snack recipes, however, we’ll only be talking about the easiest mega snacks to craft. Fortified Cheese is obtained through the bazaar or through the grizzleheim lore pack.

Do evil Magma peas give Mega snacks?

Either Couch Potatoes or Evil Magma Peas will work. They each drop one mega snack at Elder.

What are mega snacks?

In order to confirm that you are tending to the Mega-Snack-rewarding plant, here is a list of plants that drop Mega Snacks:

  • Bread Fruit Bush.
  • Cornbread Fruit Bush.
  • Couch Potatoes*
  • Evil Magma Peas*
  • Rye Bread Fruit Bush.
  • Prickly Bear Cactus.
  • Deadly Helephant Ears*
  • Grapes of Wrath*

Are couch potatoes or evil Magma peas better?

I like them both, but Couch Potatoes are the better of the two. It is easier to meet all their likes, as the secondary plants that they like to be with are just KP, which are also low-maintenance high-yield self seeding plants. Couch Potatoes are also easier to farm — Splithoof rager/barbarians in GH vs. Avalon.

Do couch potatoes Drop Mega snacks?

Does Waterworks drop Mega snacks?

Like all drops, Mega Snacks in the Waterworks are completely random. You have a 50/50 chance to get one–either you get the snacks, or you don’t.

Are EMPS or couch potatoes better?

EMP are a little faster and give more varied mega snacks, so those are a better buy to me. CP are easier to get as drops, so I’ve farmed some of those and I grow both. Deadly Helephant Ears and Sword Ferns are good plants too.

What rank pests do couch potatoes get?

House:Couch Potatoes

Rank Smallest Spell(s) Needed
1 Bug Bolt or Pungent Bug Spray or Putrid Bug Spray

Are evil Magma peas better than couch potatoes?

The most important seed to farm for on a new account are Couch Potatoes. While we could argue that Evil Magma Peas are better for mega snacks, it’s much harder to farm for it and it’s not really worth the time. Couch Potatoes will not only give you Mega Snacks, but also treasure cards you can sell for a lot of gold.

What kind of snacks do you get in Wizard?

Commonly found rank 9 snacks include: 1 Fancy Yogurt (+50 exp) 2 Hambrosia (+50 exp) 3 Captain Canteloupe (+45 exp) 4 Mystic Dragon Fruit (+45 exp) 5 Golden Wheat Bread (+40 exp) 6 Cherry Tomatoes (+40 exp)

Where can I find the Mega Snack Pack?

The Mega-Snack Pack provides a variety of Mega-Snack cards. Hints, Guides and Discussions of the Wiki content related to Mega-Snack Pack should be placed in the Discussion Topic. If the topic isn’t already created (i.e. the link brings you to an empty search) then you must create the topic, using the topic naming convention explained here.

Where to get the best Mega snacks in RuneScape?

In this section, we’ll go through the dungeons with the best mega snack drops in the game. If you don’t have a membership, farming mega snacks through housing dungeons might be the option for you. The dungeon that drops the highest mega snack rate is Winterbane Hall from the Winterbane Gauntlet.

Which is dungeon drops the most Mega snacks?

The dungeon that drops the highest mega snack rate is Winterbane Hall from the Winterbane Gauntlet. This is because bosse from 4 out of the 6 levels in Winterbane Hall have a chance of dropping a mega snack – quadrupling your chances at a mega snack drop each run. 1-2 mega snacks per run (ranging from Rank 8 to Rank 9 snacks).

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