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What does it mean to emulate someone?

What does it mean to emulate someone?

1a : to strive to equal or excel. b : imitate especially : to imitate by means of an emulator. 2 : to equal or approach equality with.

What does the word emulate?

verb (used with object), em·u·lat·ed, em·u·lat·ing. to try to equal or excel; imitate with effort to equal or surpass: to emulate one’s father as a concert violinist. to rival with some degree of success: Some smaller cities now emulate the major capitals in their cultural offerings.

Is emulate a positive word?

People generally know what “imitate” means, but they sometimes don’t understand that “emulate” is a more specialized word with a purely positive function, meaning to try to equal or match.

Can you emulate a person?

When you emulate someone, you imitate them, especially with the idea of matching their success. When someone is impressive because of their great skills, brains, strength, or accomplishments, others will emulate them. To emulate is to imitate and model yourself after someone.

What is the synonyms for emulate?

synonyms for emulate

  • imitate.
  • mimic.
  • mirror.
  • challenge.
  • contend.
  • ditto.
  • do.
  • rival.

What is the opposite of emulate?

emulate. Antonyms: disaffect, shun, forego, abandon, despise, contemn, waive. Synonyms: rival, vie, compete, aspire.

Is it good to emulate people?

Imitation can be a great way to grow as a person. You may feel more confident when emulating the style of an admirable person. However, remember to eventually make their style your own. Imitation is a great jumping off point, but you can eventually incorporate your own unique personality into an imitation.

Why do we need to emulate?

The most common uses for emulators are to play video games and run different operating systems — for example, you can put a Mac operating system on your Windows computer. Emulators can allow you to run apps that normally wouldn’t work on your computer.

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