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Will tsunami hit Phuket again?

Will tsunami hit Phuket again?

THAILAND is unlikely to be affected by another deadly tsunami any time soon, an earthquake expert has stated, although the authorities say the country is prepared to respond if one does occur. It takes time to build up the energy to cause a new big quake again.

How far inland did the 2004 tsunami go in Phuket?

In many places, the waves reached as far as 2 km (1.2 mi) inland. Because the 1,600 km (1,000 mi) fault affected by the earthquake was in a nearly north–south orientation, the greatest strength of the tsunami waves was in an east–west direction.

Does Phuket have a tsunami warning system?

PHUKET: The two tsunami-warning buoys deployed west of Phuket that Thailand is responsible for maintaining are both out of action, the National Disaster Warning Centre (NDWC) in Bangkok has confirmed.

Has anyone ever survived a tsunami?

Rahmat Saiful Bahri survived the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 that swept over Indonesia’s Aceh province. On 28 September this year, he again found himself at the centre of a disaster – this time in Palu. Interview by Hidayatullah for BBC Indonesian.

Did the 2004 tsunami have a warning?

A spokesman for the disaster agency said the warning was canceled after the waves made land. After the devastating 2004 tsunami, multiple countries – including the UK, Germany and Malaysia – donated detection buoys and other equipment to Indonesia to help warn of future disasters.

Where did the tsunami hit in Phuket Thailand?

Our vacation in Thailand took an ominous turn the day after Christmas. During the monumental Indian Ocean tsunamis on December 26, my wife, my son and I had just arrived at the south end of Patong Beach, on the island of Phuket, one of the severely impacted beach areas in Thailand.

When was the tsunami in the Indian Ocean?

This kind of effort went on at thousands of locations around the Indian Ocean that morning against a backdrop of unknown risk of further tsunami waves. For these countries December 26, 2004 was like September 11, 2001 in the USA.

Where was the German woman in the tsunami?

Mardie continued to clean the Thai woman’s wounds while I followed them up to the third floor, carefully stepping through the slippery mud around the poolside, where the floodwater had subsided. The German woman was lying on a mattress on the exterior walkway floor.

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