Who is Siamak and Mohsen in Persepolis?

Who is Siamak and Mohsen in Persepolis?

The Satrapi family knows two of them, Siamak Jari and Mohsen Shakiba, both of whom were arrested for being communists. Siamak is the husband of Marjane’s mother’s best friend. Their daughter, Laly, once told Marjane that Siamak was on a trip.

What happened to Mohsen in Persepolis?

Mohsen gets drowned in his bathtub when the new regime takes over, and Siamak is targeted too, though he manages to flee. Marjane seems to include their stories to show us that one regime in Iran is no better than the previous one.

Who are Siamak Jari and Mohsen shakiba?

Siamak Jari and Mohsen Shakiba were two guys that were imprisoned for rebelling against the government. They were severely tortured in prison but were let out. But then later on Mohsen was drowned in a bathtub and Siamak somehow how escaped when targeted.

How did Siamak and his family leave the country?

13) How did Siamak and his family leave the border? They crossed the border hidden among a flock of sheep.

Why does Persepolis love the king?

Why does Marji love the king? -Marji loves the king because she believes he was chosen by God.

What made Marjane happy?

What made Marjane happy in “Moscow”? There were heroes in her family. Her friends were free. Her family was free.

Who died in Persepolis?

The death that most affects Marji in Persepolis is the execution of her Uncle Anoosh.

What lesson does Marji learn truth?

What lessons does Marji learn about “truth”? She learns both that “The truth is sometimes hard to accept.” and “Nobody will accept the truth.”

Why is Marjane’s friend leaving Iran?

Ebi is worried “the Republic wants to be called Islamic” even though the revolution sprang from the left, or liberal dissidents, but Anoosh isn’t too concerned. Like Ebi, many fear life under rule of the Islamic Republic. Marjane’s friend Kaveh and his family leave Iran for the United States.

What is wrong with Marji’s uncle Taher?

Uncle Taher suffers a third heart attack after hearing a grenade go off outside his building. The damage to his heart is extensive and he needs open heart surgery.

Who is the daughter of Siamak in Persepolis?

The daughter of Siamak. Friend of Marjane’s Father, Siamak, and Mohsen, who is tortured and executed. Cousin of Anoosh and the man who declared Azerbaijan as independent from Iran. He gets executed by the Shah’s regime.

How did Siamak and Mohsen die in Persepolis?

Some time passes, and the Satrapi family receives a phone call that brings Ebi, Marji’s father, to tears. Mohsen was found with his head in a bathtub full of water; Taji is convinced this was not a suicide. Soon after, men arrive at Siamak’s home and execute his sister.

Who is the man with seven lives in Persepolis?

Mohsen, known in prison as the man with seven lives, is a revolutionary who is imprisoned for almost 8 years for rebelling against the Shah. Mohsen arrives after Siamak and begins to describe how his fingernails were pulled off in a tone that reads nonchalant and almost jolly.

Why did Siamak and Mohsen go to prison?

They were both arrested for speaking out against the Shah and imprisoned together for many years. They were viciously tortured but fortunately lived to speak about their tales. However, once released from prison, Siamak’s sister is executed, which forces his family to flee Iran, and Mohsen is drowned in a bathtub.

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