Is Fansidar a prophylaxis?

Is Fansidar a prophylaxis?

Editorial Note: CDC concurs with the recently published recommendations of the World Health Organization stating that the sole indication for the use of Fansidar is the prophylaxis or treatment of chloroquine-resistant P. falciparum malaria (1).

What is the generic name for Fansidar?

Fansidar (sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine) Tablets is an antiparasitic drug used to treat malaria. Fansidar is available in generic form.

Can I take Fansidar during pregnancy?

Use in pregnancy (Category C). Use of Fansidar in pregnancy is justified because the benefit to the mother and fetus outweighs the risks. Pregnant women using the drug should also take folic acid supplementation.

How many times can you take Fansidar?

The first dose of Fansidar (sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine) should be taken 1 or 2 days before arrival in an endemic area; administration should be continued during the stay and for 4 to 6 weeks after return….Prevention of Malaria.

Once Weekly Once Every 2 Weeks
Adults 1 tablet 2 tablets

How often can I take Fansidar?

When should I take Fansidar?

How do you take Fansidar?

Prevention of Malaria falciparum may be encountered which have developed resistance to Fansidar (sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine) . The dosage should be swallowed whole, and not chewed, with plenty of fluids after a meal. 2 to 3 tablets taken as a single dose.

Which malaria drug is safe for a pregnant woman?

The antimalarials that can be used in pregnancy include (1) chloroquine, (2) amodiaquine, (3) quinine, (4) azithromycin, (5) sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine, (6) mefloquine, (7) dapsone-chlorproguanil, (8) artemisinin derivatives, (9) atovaquone-proguanil and (10) lumefantrine.

Where can I get a prescription for Fansidar?

For assistance, please send e-mail to: [email protected]. Type 508 Accommodation and the title of the report in the subject line of e-mail. The drug combination Fansidar* (sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine) has recently become commercially available in the United States.

Is it safe to take Fansidar with pyrimethamine?

If Fansidar (sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine) is prescribed for prophylaxis, it is important that the physician inquires about sulfonamide intolerance and points out the risk and the need for immediate drug withdrawal if skin reactions do occur.

How many milligrams of Fansidar can you give a rat?

Testicular changes have been observed in rats treated with 105 mg/kg/day of Fansidar (sulfadoxine and pyrimethamine) and with 15 mg/kg/day of pyrimethamine alone.

How long does it take for Fansidar to work?

The patient was then treated with quinine sulfate, 600 mg every 8 hours for 3 days, and tetracycline, 500 mg every 6 hours for 10 days. His parasitemia and fever resolved within 48 hours after this therapy began.

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