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Who makes Robbins flooring?

Who makes Robbins flooring?

AHF Products
AHF Products is launching the Robbins brand of fine hardwood flooring exclusively to NFA members and specialty retailers to help differentiate dealers in a crowded marketplace with a unique, high-quality line that is designed to sell.

Where is Robbins hardwood flooring made?

the USA
So much of Robbins Flooring is American through and through, and has been for more than 100 years. In fact, we’re the nation’s leading manufacturer of North American hardwood.

What is Mondo flooring?

With rubber flooring from Mondo Contract Flooring, you can achieve the form and function you desire. Our unique Dual Durometer Technology combines a wear layer with a bottom performance layer for flooring that lasts. As a result you receive one of the highest levels or rubber flooring performance in the industry.

What is Mondo track surface?

Mondotrack is a trademarked synthetic track surface used for Track and field athletics. Mondotrack is developed by Mondo, a world leader in Track and field surfacing. Research was done to achieve the best possible surface for track events that will enhance performance and decrease the chance of injury.

Is rubber flooring toxic?

“Rubber flooring materials trigger concerns with toxic contaminants in the manufacturing process, as well as in the final product, including the use of hazardous flame retardants. Use of recycled rubber flooring may also raise concern because of its potentially high toxic content,” she wrote.

What is the best track surface?

Natural Surfaces Cinder and clay – and occasionally grass – are the most commonly used natural track surfaces. They are comfortable to run on, relatively cheap to construct, and have a minimal force impact on runners’ joints. These soft surfaces provide excellent cushioning and help reduce injuries.

Are Mondo tracks faster?

About Mondo’s Tracks The backing provides exceptional shock absorption and energy return, which further helps the performance layer increase athletes’ comfort and enables them to achieve faster times than when running on other surfaces.

What are the pros and cons of rubber flooring?

Rubber Flooring Pros and Cons

  • Easy Maintenance. Rubber flooring is easy to keep clean.
  • Anti Microbial and Hypoallergenic.
  • Eco Friendly and Recyclable.
  • Available in Many Sizes, Shapes and Designs.
  • Slip Resistant.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Good Insulator.
  • Easy Installation and Repairs.

Is rubber flooring durable?

Rubber floors can withstand a high volume of foot traffic and they are also water resistant so they won’t be damaged by moisture or spills. The natural elasticity of rubber is what makes these floors so durable and resilient. They are great for absorbing impacts which is why they are popular in gyms and weight rooms.

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