Are torsion axles good for boat trailers?

Are torsion axles good for boat trailers?

Having a good quality axle means you are worry-free. Torsion axles offer a low maintenance, reliable, quiet, smooth ride. HSI Duratek torsion axles make it simple to have peace-of-mind while trailer towing. The boom in usage can be attributed to the many benefits that torsion axles offer over standard spring axles.

Are torsion axles worth it?

You might be asking “Which is better, torsion or spring axles?” That’s a complicated question. Torsion trailer axles offer a smoother ride and less maintenance. Leaf springs are more durable, less expensive and far easier to replace parts on.

How long do torsion axles last?

Subject: RE: Rubber Torsion Axle Life Expectancy? the lifespan is 15-20 years…. no matter how many miles towed or how stored (weight off frame, etc.)

Do trailer torsion axles wear out?

It is certainly possible for any axle to wear out enough over time to need replacing. If the deflection, or amount of travel of the wheels, on the torsion axle has increased, caused the trailer to bottom out, or is not the same on each side then that would be a good indication that something is wrong.

Can you flip a torsion axle?

Like HTB and PH said, you don’t “flip” torsion axles, you mount “blocks” between axle rails and the trailer frame rails, pretty simple and strailght forward procedure.

Can a torsion axle fail?

Are torsion axles repairable?

Torsion axles use internal rubber cords to provide the suspension motion and they really are not practical to repair/rebuild. Certainly any axle that was damaged in an accident should be replaced purely for safety reasons.

When should torsion axles be replaced?

If the torsion bar that connects the frame brackets together is bent, then you would need to buy a new axle. However, if the spindle on the torsion axle is bent, you can replace it.

Can a torsion axle be rebuilt?

Do torsion axles go bad?

Helpful Expert Reply: It is certainly possible for any axle to wear out enough over time to need replacing. Since the suspension is built into a torsion axle if the suspension part was to wear out pretty much the only solution would be to replace the axle.

Can you turn a drop axle upside down?

No, it is not an “adjustable” axle. A drop axle is designed to get the load floor (or body) of a trailer lower than you can with a straight axle.

Which is the best torsion axle on the market?

Dexter ® offers a full line of torsion axle options. Independent suspension provides a smoother and quieter ride with a torsion axle under your unit back by an industry-leading warranty. Dexter is committed to providing its customers with the most durable, highest level quality, and performance torsion axle on the market.

How big is the torsion arm on a trailer?

Overall Length = 98″ Hub Face = 94″ Mounting Bracket Outside = 80″ Torsion Arm: 10° Up. The Dexter Torflex trailer torsion axle offers a smoother ride for your trailer and greater peace of mind for you. Ships ‘Truck Freight’ and is subject to delivery service limitations.

How big are torsional stub axles per pair?

Rated 250 lbs. per stub, 500 lbs. per pair. Please Note: 18.5 X 8.5 AND 20.5 X 8 “DOUGHNUT” TIRES CANNOT BE USED WITH TORSIONAL AXLES. TIRES WILL NOT CLEAR AXLE ARM.

What kind of suspension system is torsion arm?

The Torflex suspension system is a torsion arm type suspension which is completely self-contained within the axle tube.

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