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What year Back Together Again Roberta Flack?

What year Back Together Again Roberta Flack?

On 13 January 1979 Hathaway and Flack had recorded the duets “Back Together Again” and “You Are My Heaven” – the latter the last song Hathaway would ever record: after having dinner with Flack at her residence in the Dakota, Hathaway had then returned to his suite on the fifteenth floor of Essex House, later fatally …

Who wrote Back Together Again by Roberta Flack?

James Mtume
Reggie Lucas
Back Together Again/Composers

What year was Back Together Again?


Back Together Again
Released 2004
Recorded December, 2003
Studio Soma Studios, Chicago
Genre Jazz

Who played bass on Back Together Again?

Greg and I heard “Back Together Again” last Sunday as well and marveled at the ridiculous bass playing (it’s Tinker Barfield for all you concerned music nerds). Roberta and Donny did this tune on Roberta Flack featuring Donny Hathaway, their second duets LP.

Did Roberta Flack have a stroke?

Roberta Flack suffered a stroke in 2016 that has kept her from performing in public, but the 83-year-old singer-songwriter and pianist remains active and creative.

Who made back together again?

Roberta Flack
Donny Hathaway
Back Together Again/Artists

What does getting back together mean?

get back together (with somebody) to start a relationship with someone again, especially a romantic relationship, after having ended a previous relationship with the same person I just got back together with my ex-girlfriend.

Who is Roberta Flack husband?

Steve Novosel
Between 1966 and 1972, she was married to Steve Novosel. Together, they had a son, Bernard Wright, who became a successful funk and jazz keyboardist and producer. Flack is the aunt of professional ice skater Rory Flack.

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