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Did John Cena ever beat the Undertaker?

Did John Cena ever beat the Undertaker?

THE UNDERTAKER came out of retirement to defeat John Cena in less than three minutes at WrestleMania . Cena had been calling out The Undertaker for a match on Raw for a number of weeks.

Is John Cena raw or SmackDown?

John Cena is now a free agent, which means he can work with stars from both Raw and SmackDown Live. Cena confirmed his free agent status when he made his return to SmackDown Live a few weeks ago, but fans have yet to see the 16 time WWE World Champion appear on Monday Night Raw.

When is John Cena returning?

John Cena will make his return to WWE television next Monday night, December 31st, and Tuesday night, January 1st. Cena’s return to SmackDown was first announced, with WWE quickly following that up by making it known that he would appear on both RAW and SmackDown. Next week’s editions of both RAW and SmackDown will actually be airing on tape delay.

Is John Cena in WrestleMania 34?

JOHN CENA will take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34 tonight inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. That’s according to the Wrestling Observer who have revealed WWE’s plans for the magnificent event in New Orleans.

Who has John Cena beaten to become WWE Champion?

At WWE TLC, WWE Champion Randy Orton defeated World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to unify the two titles and become the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Unsurprisingly, The Viper’s historic achievement has drawn comparisons to the Undisputed Championship, which brought together the WWE Title and the WCW World Title in 2002.

Why is John Cena leaving the WWE?

John Cena, WWE superstar-turned-actor, is leaving the wrestling world for the first time in 13 years. The reason for his departure? He’ll be starring in an upcoming Fox reality TV show titled American Grit , and apparently part of the reason is a lack of room for growth.

Is John Cena still the face of the WWE?

John Cena has been the face of the WWE for quite some time, but that’s definitely coming to an end. Even though he’s been around since 2002, there’s still plenty of fresh rivalries for him.

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